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    Required Project report for Capsicum in Polyhouse/Greenhouse

    Project Report Sir, pl send me the details about green house cultivation and your fees for project report,to Regards.....Ram Prasad
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    sell of 5 plants of agarwood aged about 20 years.

    send your contact details. Ram.
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    Original Murrah Buffaloes for sale

    pl forward your contact details and mail id to my PM Box or
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    Jaggery Plant

    we planned to start full auto making jaggery plant in east godavari distract, andhra pradesh, need details pl forward to Ram Prasad.
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    Project report for mini sugar mill

    Hai, contact Mr. Shahvez Khan on 9837527917. Ram Prasad.
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    jaggery making plant

    we are planning for full auto making jaggery plant in east godavari, andhra pradesh, machinery suppliers revert with complete details to Ram Prasad.
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    used japanese tractor in india

    Mr. Jain, pl provide your contact so I can mail you my requirement. Ram Prasad.
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    Silk worms farming

    Hai, I am from East Godavari, pl send your mail id to my PM Box. Ram.
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    Agarwood budded plants,tea plant seedlings and bamboo seeds for sale

    sir what is the size of the budded plants mean age of the plant and what is the cost to deliver to Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh, inform to Ram.
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    EMU birds for FREEEEEEEEEE

    Sir if u really mean I need 5 pairs free of cost, pl respond I will give my adress for delivery.
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    Advertising Set up fruit beer, wheat beer, rice beer, etc plants

    Pl send me your mail id to my pm box or to Ram.
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    Beema Bamboo 1000 plants per acre

    Dr. Bharati, pl forward your web site and your mail id to my PM Box for further correspondence Ram.
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    Land for Sale

    Hello, pl send me the details
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    Details for solar Water pumps 10hp

    Mr. Ramesh , Thanks for the information, which companies solar panels you supply what is the guarantee period for the panels and the inverter, your quotation includes the erectiion charges ?? is the cost includes erection and trial, pl inform and also see spriyanaren posting the cost...
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    Details for solar Water pumps 10hp

    Mr. Ramesh, we have 7.5 hp submersible pump, need solar connection pl send the details and cost involved
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    Murrah Breeding Bull for Sale in Hyderabad

    Hai can u send me the photos and the cost of the bulls
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    Technology that convert all organic waste into pure organic fertilizer within 24 hour

    Mr. Ricky, can u please forward your contact details . Ram.
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    Reg - Model Dairy farm at Ludhiana

    Mr, Kumar, My opinion, its always better you to visit personally and meet the owner, see the farm and animals they supply and can take decision, even if you get the feed back finally you have to visit the farm to purchase the animals. Ram Prasad.
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    6th Laying Emu Birds for Sale

    pl send your contact no or mail id
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    Dairy farm for long term lease - Shamirpet, HYD

    Pl forward your contact no .