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    Need areca leaf supplier

    u can contact me in 9535869999
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    Need areca leaf supplier

    We can supply u areca leaves only bulk qty accepted price 1.60ps per leaf
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    Wanted Areca leaves ( pakku mattai ) wanted in bulk quantity

    we are areca leaf supplier pls conat me at 09535869999 price 1.40ps
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    "WIN-EA-CROP" Fertilizer doubles Crops Yields

    good very good product,100 percent it doubles the yeild we have ussed it for our mango crop
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    Areca Plates Manufacturer

    do u need machine i am using gks machine from salem if need machines i selling it 8 months old machine if u need send me private message
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    Need Areca Leaf Sheaths for Areca plate making companies

    we can do that we are the major supplier for manyareca nu compines in tamilnadu and karanataka and suppling the leaf for 1.30 at our place and delivery charges should be beared by ur company as per the transport agencies (transport at ur own charges)
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    wanted banana tissue cultred samplings

    want banana tissue cultured samplings of (beleputta bale and Nangadu rasa bale) if u can provide send us private msg thanku Best regards Vishwa
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    Cost Of cultivation in Green house

    madam what will be the cost of the setup of green house can an averge farmer can make this and how
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    Iam interested in green house profitability....

    Hi- I am looking to start greenhouse farming. I have no expertise in the field and am looking for someone with the expertise and the know how to setup a venture and take it to profitability. It can be on a small scale to start with May I know the cost of cultivation and cost of green...
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    Hydroponic fodder farm establishment

    Hydroponically produced fodder provides only 15%of dry matter each milking cow ~requires 30kg of dry matter but in 30kg of hydroponiclly grow grass fodder only u have 4.5 of dry matter u can only uses this as extra feed to increase ur milk production or increse ur meat production but u canot...
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    Hydroponic gully and new glass house

    madam what r the crops v can grow by this method and what will be cost of the basic setup
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    Hydroponics for Everyone

    sir give us details regarding this what r the crops v can grow and what will be cost of the setup
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    Bio-gas@low cost

    pls get us details of biogas genersators for agri purpose
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    Blue Berries cultivation

    get us details get me full details like what is the water requirement should v use green house what is the yeild and price ..\\\
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    Biogas plant

    sir get us the details of the above project
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    Cost to run a spirulina plant.

    get us ur contact details
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    Arecanut, Cardamom, Pepper,Cocoa.............

    wan Need Cardamom and Pepper Plants:rolleyes:
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    Win a crop

    it is orgonic hi yeild fertlizer u get the contact number by searching win a crop in google or agricultureinformation Search Forums u get his contact number and u can directly speak to CEO of win a crop Mr prabakar who will help u through out the process explaining step by step. This Year by...
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    Improved Broiler Fatner

    sugg mix milk with water give them u will get fatter boriler