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    Biogas Products

    Power production through bio gas Sir, I am interested in your bio-gas design. Kindly send me the details of your product including the design specifications and price. contact me through a private messae : K.Rajesh Kumar, Global Green Foundation, please contact.........
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    Country Chicks for Sale

    country chick availability It is nice to hear from you regarding the availability of country chiks. Presently I am getting it from Erode and Gobi. Can you send me your price list to my mail id? Is it a Giri raja cross or pure breed? Kindly enclose 2 or 3 photos of the breed.
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    International surfactant and aqua saver

    Agriculture surfactants and Bio inputs Sir, I am interested in your product. Kindly send me further details about the price list, usage and terms of dealership etc. Contact me
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    Wanted Azolla seeds

    Azolla I can supply best qyailty azolla from kerala. I am from Gudalur of Nilgiris dt. send me Rs. 200/- and I can send it through bus. Contact : (Rajesh kumar)
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    Rosemary Dry Leaf and Oil Available!

    Rosemary leaf / oil sir, I need both dried leaves and oil of rosemary. Kindly quote your product along with the availability. contact me through a private message. please contact........
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    Contract farming companies in Maize

    PALM FAIR TRADE is an emerging organization engaged in contract farming of vegetables and essential oil crops in Tamil Nadu. Organization likes to expand the its operation by including 3,000 acres under maize cultivation. The big companies involved in maize contract farming can contact us...
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    Opportunity Contract Farming for Ginger/Turmeric in Gujarat

    Turmeric and Ginger contract farming Dear sir, I am an agriculture consultant involved in contract farming of vegetables and herbs in India over an area of 300 acres in Tamil Nadu. Do you have a plan of expanding your operational area? If yes, kindly contact me thru, Please contact...... I can...
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    24 hour composting technology

    Composting technology sir, I am interested in your project. I avail huge sum of organic wastes at my locality. I think your technology would suffice my organic farming needs. Can you send me the cost factors of your different working modles. Please contact....
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    vigin PET material used in the cultivation of vegatables like tomatos,capsicum gherki

    Polymer ropes offer Sir, I am Interested in your product and willing to use in my contract farming for Tomato and Gherkins. Kindly send me the price list of your different products along with specifications. Rajesh Kumar (Agriculture consultant) Erode dt, Tamil Nadu. Please contact...........
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    Humic acid for sale

    Humic acid offer Sir, Kindly send me the price details of your different humic acid formulations along with clear profile. Please contact..
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    Water saving Pl send me the full details thru a pvt message ==> Please contact..........
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    Turnkey consultation for solar power project/wind power project/green energy projects

    Solar energy Sir, I am an agriculture consultant promoting lucrative and new ventures in agriculture amongst my clients. For some my clients, I have been searching for alternative means of energy for irrigation purpose. If you can offer the solution, I can suggest you some projects. Kindly...
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    vigin PET material used in the cultivation of vegatables like tomatos,capsicum gherki

    Regarding ropes for agriculture I am an agriculture consultant and engaged in contract farming of vegetables in an area of 100 acres. We have been using different kinds of materials for staking of our crops. I think ur product range can suffice our requirement. so Kindlu make a quote of your...
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    100% soluble Organic Fertiliser Humic Acid Liquid 12% and Granules3%, Organic Manure

    Regarding Humic products Kindly send me ur quotation of humic formulations for different concentrations. Because presently I have been getting it from Aurangabath. If ur price is quiet reasonable I can put the order to U. Do contat me thru' pvt message. Please contact.....
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    Plastic Mulch & Drip Pipes Laying Machine

    Mulching sheet laying machine sir, Can u send me some photographs of ur machine along with price details. Kindly send the details thru' a pvt message. Please contact...........
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    looking for distributors for Water retainers for Soils and Substrates

    Water retainers Kindly send more details about ur product. Pl contact me thru a pvt message
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    Onion seeds for sale

    Onion seeds Are u talking about the big one or the smaller? If smaller, send pvt mesge to my id on its details==>
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    ptassium humate & organic fertilisers for sale

    Potasium humate requirement Hello sir, We have been utilising different formultions of humic based farming inputs. Can u provide us more details about ur products along with technical specifications? We are also looking for w.s.f for drip irrigation purpopse. Pl send ur information thru' pvt...
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    Provide shade net

    Send me ur product profile along with price details. Rajesh Kumar.
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    Finance available for Export oriented Agri business / projects

    Gherkins contract farming Sir, I am an agriculture consultant promoting contract farming in Thalavadi block of Erode dt. We are already working with nearly 2,000 farmers and already working to cultivate Rosemary (50 acres) and Coleus (200 acres) of land. Since I have been working as a...