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    Question Ultrasonic extraction of turmeric and medicinal herbs

    Ultrasound Extraction (Sonication) - system involves using ultrasound with frequencies ranging from 20 kHz to 2000 kHz; this will increase the permeability of mobile partitions and produces cavitation. Despite the fact that the manner is useful in a few cases, like extraction of Saffon , Stevia...
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    Question Lemon Grass Cultivation and Distilleries - Sale and Buy back

    Hiya, I am producers of essential oil distillation Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox plant, capability 1 ton (potstill) fee Rs.12 lac and yield% of oil from lemongrass 7 percent approx. I will provide a valid cultivation network in Karnataka and mission document, plant machinery and customers in Karnataka.
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    Farmers here and there are training ZBNF/organic farmingTutuapp 9Apps Showbox . Please inform gift pastime in your farm, as to whether or not you are taking up seasonal vegetation or horticultural plants or animal husbandry activities and many others.
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    Opportunity Fresh Vegetables- We are distributors of Soilless, Hydroponic and Organic

    Hello I am fascinated to start hydrophobic enterprise and searching out buyers.