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    Question Hydroponics setup

    Hi All, I am planning to start hydroponics farm in Telangana in my 0.5 acer land. I am basically looking for the low cost setup. NFT for greens & dutch bucket for medicinal plants. I need information regarding the cost of setup for poly house and NFT channel fitment. Thanks for the reply
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    Question Hydroponics

    Hi everyone, I would to like to know is hydroponics organic? I am looking for starting an organic farm. Thanks for your reply.
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    Question Azolla Farming

    I am looking to start azolla in Guntur, AP. I would like to know, how to produce it organically. What would be a small scale setup cost and how and where i can market it. Also I am looking for the initial mother culture. Thanks in advance for replying.
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    Question Hydroponics nutrients

    I would like to know about the nutrients used for hydroponics. Are these nutrients organic