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    like to sell baby corns and white button mushrooms

    We are selling white button mushrooms and baby corns at reasonable price. Interested people or parties may contact me.
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    Household pest control products and agri input products fr sale.......

    Sir, May I know the price of items.f so inform in detail to my id
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    Plant Growth Promoter - TM Agricultural (Imported)

    about price Would you please tell me the price , so that I can advice my farmers as consultant.
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    Sale of land near Bengalur

    Agriculture land of 10 acres just 85 kms drive from Bengalur are available for sale having good irrigation and suitable for green house farming, sheep rearing etc., Interested persons may contact
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    Arecanut Sheaths

    Dear Sir, I am ready to supply sheaths.Let me know the quantity.Mail . With regards, Murthy
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    Land for sale

    Ten acres of land available for sale roadside with good irrigation facilities just98 kms drive from Bengalur and 65 kms from Devanhalli Airport. Interested people may contact
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    need agricultural land on lease / rent

    Land requirement Well suitable agriculture land is available near Bengalur(90kms away) with good irrigation facilities. contact me
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    online cattle buffalo farmer help center

    website required I am interested to help farmers online having cattle and buffaloes.
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    Solar lantern -Distributor Wanted

    Regarding Solar lantern Sir, I am interested in distribution of solar lanterns. Kindly send the details
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    Best quality mushroom spawn in bulk

    Regarding Mushroom spawn Sir, I am interested to purchase mushroom spawn. Kindly send the details and your adress
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    sell moringa malunggay seed

    Moringa seeds Sir, Kindly mention rate of seed and and would like to know the details regarding buy-back arrangement. Mail to my id
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    areca palm leaf

    Supply of Arecanut sheaths We are interested to supply areca leaf sheaths as raw material. Interested may contact my id
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    Trichoderma Viride (Biofungicide), Good Quality, for Bulk Sale

    Price of Trichoderma and packing size Sir, Kindly mention the price and packing size of trichodrma to my mail id
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    Sale of arecanut leaf sheaths

    We are supplying areca leaf sheaths at reasonable price. Required companies involved in making areca plates may contact
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    areca leaf sheath

    Supply of Arecanut sheaths Sir, We do supply areca leaf sheaths as per your requirements. Kindly mail your requirement
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    Sale of Areca leaf sheath

    We are supplying areca leaf sheath at reasonable price.Buyers may contact
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    Sale of Areca leaf sheath

    We are in trading of Arecanut leaf sheath at reasonable price to the manufacturers of Arecanut plates.Interested parties may contact my email id
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    GRAPES wanted - Seedless

    Price of grapes Sir, Kindly mention your requirement of grapes. We are in trading of Thompson seedless. Murthy
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    empty maize cobs

    Sir, We are interested to supply empty maize cobs. Kindly mention your details. Murthy
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    Paper Carry Bags & Areca Leaf Plates For Sale

    Sir, We are in trading of arecanut plates. I feel our product is helpful for your export business.