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    Wanted NRI: I am Intrested in investing Agriculutre business Ventures

    Hi sir Wish you happy new year. Dr J K Nigam Hyderabad 9618126974
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    wanted farm manager

    Hi sir, pls share your email email id is or call at 9618126974 Dr J K Nigam, Medchal, Hyderabad
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    Require a Farm Manager/Superviser in Mysore

    pls share your email email id is or call at 9618126974 Dr J K Nigam, Hyderabad
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    Need a Farm Manager - Bengaluru South. urgent

    pls share your email email id is or call at 9618126974
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    required alfalfa hay

    Dear Veranna, Pls let me know qty of lucern seed which you can supply, its price. Is it american strain?? you may reach to me at 09533533915
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    required organic rice seeds

    Pls contact me for quality seed at 09533533915
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    Wanted - Farmers who are ready to do contract farming. Buy back guarantee legally

    Pls contact me for quality seed at 09533533915
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    Wanted To BUY All Products for Export URGENTLY

    Hi Mr Trillion Exim, I ahve 14 years of experience in Agri (including abroad), Pls contact me Dr J K Nigam 9533533915. Are interested in Seeds/ Hybrid seeds??
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    Maize fodder required

    yes pls let me know destination and offered price
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    Wanted business proposal

    R U Interested in seed business/ seed import Pls contact us "Qualitas Crop Sciences Pvt Ltd" Hyderabad, India. Already we are exporting seed
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    gaur seeds

    Looking for Guar seed Cant to Qualitas Crop Sciences Pvt Ltd J K Nigam
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    stevia plants and cultivation to marketingh

    Dear sir, I am intrested for stevia plantation if you could arrange by back agreement. Pls contact
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    5000 acres land City:Hyderabad

    Pls send some more detail and share your contact no.
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    Agriculture in Europe

    Dear sir, Pls send some mored detail. We "Qualitas crop Sciences Pvt Ltd" are hybrid seed manufacturer and exporter, looking to expand our activity. Pls let me know reg. this opportunity, If it suit us I can join you individual also. Dr J K Nigam
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    Agriculture in Europe

    I would like to get more detail. I own a small seed company having professional team to deliver the best. Thanks/ Dr J K Nigam
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    Need cardamom Tissue culture project Dear I need a cardamom tissue culture project to invest. Since u r already in cardamom production, I do hope that u need to grow in big way. if intrested send detail
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    project report and subsidy guide

    Looking for banana Tissue culture project Dear Sidhi, I want a low cost Banana Tissue culture project. Can you send me a draft in three days? Your cooperation and guidance will be highly appriciated. Thanks, Dr J K Nigam
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    Need Help on Agriculture(Tensed)

    Why tens ? Dear ........... It's always good to explore the opportunity for betterment. Life is full with so many opportunity & Joy. U can change your cultivation practices, divert to Medicinal, vegetables, organic farming or seed production. Even if u r growing Wheat or Soyabean try to get...
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    rice production

    Rice The Paddy yield varies with location, land, Variety and agro practices. Normally O.P. give 20-30qt/acre and Hybrid 25-35qt/acre. I n Punjab and Hryana farmers r harvesting 35-45qt/care with Hybrids. The rice come 60-70% after milling fo Paddy. Regards, dr J K Nigam hyderabad Please...
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    Reg. Mushroom Hi Ashraf, I can't provide spawn production trainning as we r not in mushroom business, however we can guide u time to time reg. mushroom production. I did completed 3 trainning for the same. If u have any production plan I can support technicaly. To provide practicle...

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