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    Wanted TURMERIC for Extraction in bulk

    turmeric sir pl let me know your postal address and contact number with regardsmy We need " TURMERIC " with minimum 3% curcumin content in large quantities regularly suitable for extraction Please contact us directly with Price, (curcumin content percentage if known), quantity, with your...
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    vegetable buyers wanted

    vegetable supply sir give me the details of vegetable, quantity weekly,place and whether organic or not. thank you bangalore we can supply 3 types of vegetable 1.plains vegetable 2.greenhouse vegetable 3.exotic vegetable we can supply for daily basis 1.super markets...
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    100 acres agricultural land in Hiriyur.

    Respected land lord we require land on lease basis for a period of five years for farming. Otherwise we propose joint venture of farming. If you are interested pl contact me on my cell numb thank you shivappa benavally
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    agricultural business new ideas and guidens and suggestions welcoms

    pl let me know the location of yur land i e either in karnataka or outside. will pl call me
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    Buying farm land for cultivation

    will you pl contact on my email ID
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    Ginger cultivation methods on fresh hill tracks of coorg karnataka

    ginger cultivation what you mean by hydroponics and will you eloborate the method of cultivation you have suggested
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    Contract farming

    joint venture in commercial farming pl contact . i wanted to know the location environment water source and type of soil .
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    Looking for consultant for Apple Nursery Set up

    ginger products of india will you please inform what are the ginger proucts being exported from india

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