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    Wanted NPK measurement researcher to create new device.

    Hi, Nice to hear. I am an Instrumentation Engineer, I had field studied the similar concept of low cost Soil Nutrient Measurement technology in 7 year back and interact with more farmer and Experts. There is different way to measure and monitor the soil, crops, climate and so on. Now readily...
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    Event Talk with Dr A.B. Rema Shree on "Spices-Local and Export market potential of black pepper, cardamom, chilli peppers, cinnamon, coriander seeds, cumin"

    Interesting topics about spices market. we are processor of Indian Spices like Pepper and green cardamom from Tamil Nadu and as well operating with co-operative society in Idukki district. We expecting more details about export opportunity for spices, financial support and government norms etc...
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    Question Advice on cold storage setup in Raipur

    Hi, If you're going to setup cold storage, when you don't require complete concrete building, the best economical way to build cold storage i.e PUF Pabel or Prefabricated Panel This method is East setup Energy saving and low cost, Easy setup etc. And also required Air Conditioning (Chiller...
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    Wanted Grocery and spices in wholesale

    Hi, We can supply Indian origin Spices in best quality and reasonable price,there is Black pepper, White Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg etc. We are whole spices processing industry from Tamil nadu. for more information please mail us
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    Wanted Best quality Black Pepper, Choti Pippali and Amla for Raw material in Pharmaceutical industry with buying on regular basis.

    We can provide Black Pepper as per your requirements. we also processing whole pepper grading, sorting 7 mm / 9 mm grades directly from farmer ( Kerala). For more details Please mail us Thanks & Regards,

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