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    Wanted Need 6000 - 7000 coconuts per week in Madurai

    Dear everyone, We are looking for suppliers of coconut around 6000 to 7000 coconuts of average weight 600 gm to 900 gm per week. Destination MADURAI. Kindly contact us on 9843483335
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    Wanted sellers of areca leaves from Karnataka

    Anything selling areca leaves from Karnataka kindly contact me. Enquiry form MADURAI. Indhuja k. 9843483335
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    Wanted I need Aloe vera small plant.

    Hello sir, Kindly mail me about your requirements in detail to
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    Enquiry on spirulina

    I'm interested in spirulina cultivation and in need of training. Kindly update me with training programs to
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    Wanted wanted alovera plant at cheaper cost

    Kindly send us your requirements to this I'd to buy alovera plants. I'm from Tamil nadu
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    Wanted Looking for Sithaphal (Custard Apple) wholesale suppliers in Southern India

    Hello i can supply you shitapal regularly with best price. Kindly advice me the quantity and other details. Contact me

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