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    Fish Fingerlings both Carps and Catfishes

    for fish farming development Hi Chasbas till we are looking for your reply.may tell us have a good resource secretary
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    Fish Fingerlings both Carps and Catfishes

    cultivation of cat fish and other also. hi chas bas pl. send your e-mail id as we can contact you in need. secretary ssed
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    Fish Fingerlings both Carps and Catfishes

    We want details about your plans&programs.we are an NGO working mainly in western part of bengal.Pl.send your contact details. secretary SSED
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    S.Bhaumik Please contact.. eagerly waiting for your kind reply.
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    vishwakarma Sir we through our NGO.are engaged in rural development in West Bengal and part of Jharkhand for last few years. Very recently we planned for integrated animal husbandry with organic agril and commercial usage of bio-gas project in West-Bengal. Naturally after getting your...
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    Import of Boer-Goats from Australia/South Africa

    need info. Sir Pl.tell me in details-how we can get this variety of goat with full aDDRESS. BABJI pl. contact in personal mail
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    Soil Less Cultivation

    soilless cultivation Dear sir We want your product in contact us. babji
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    Goat Farming New Concept

    modern goat farming' we need your help to introduce ourselves "modern goat farming'.at jharkhand. regards s.bhaumik
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    stall fed goat farming

    Dear Dr.Shibi we are at paschim midnapore and jharkhand in between.We planed to start a goat farm.we require technical knowledge.what is benefit in osmanabadi breed and whether it is availablefor us?Pl. tell us in details from your end best regards s.bhaumik

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