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    Honey Bee farming

    Hi, I would like to get info on honey bee farming. Can anyone please share some info, any type of project report will be also help full. Thanks, Rahul
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    Insurance on catttle ?

    Hi, I would like to get info on insurance facility on cattle, is that after taking insurance , we can't sell them ? or any company which provide such facility ? Thanks, Rahul
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    own organic vegetables from your home

    Hi, Can you please send further details. Thanks Rahul,
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    On Barter : Cattle Feeding Equipment

    Hi, CATTLE FEEDING EQUIPMENT is available on Barter. A Self-Propelled Mixer performs the entire feeding cycle by one machine. What does a feeding cycle include? • Loading system • Mixer feeder • Delivery system Also, static mixer feeder tailor made to for cattle feeding centers...
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    Milk Packaging & cold storage

    Hello, I am looking for milk packaging and cold storing product with capacity of 1 liter and above. Can anyone please guide me the best type of products that are available. Thanks
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    Earn 1.75 laks per month in Mysore

    Hello, Can you please let me know the details. Thanks, Rahul
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    available land in kollihills at cheap rate

    Hi, Can you please send more details about this land and place. Thanks, Rahul
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    Suitable Cow/ Buffallow Dairy farming ?

    Hi, I would like to know what type of Suitable Cow/ Buffalo i can use to start for Dairy farming ? . The place is in somewhere north - ahead Varanasi. Can a H.F or cross breed H.F cow be suitable for this place ? and more details would be beneficial about them. Thanks, Rahul

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