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    ornamental tree saplings and grafted fruit tree varieties required

    We are in need of ORNAMENTAL TREE VARIETIES and GRAFTED FRUIT TREES . Kindly forward reputed suppliers/nurseries.
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    weed cutters

    Extremely useful, however watching it perform will encourage you to use it without taking certain precautions. If the engine life has to be enhanced, ensure that the cutting operations do not extend to more than 20/30 minutes continuously. Give it a 10 minute break before resuming. Change oil as...
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    Weeding equipment

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    Malabari and boer goats for sale

    please contact with details of cost and rearing
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    farm machinery and equipment

    Garuda paddy trans planters available at Earthline. Also weeders(mini/master ) that reduces labor on weeding is now available with Earthline
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    Nursery bags

    Please contact me
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    fruit plant saplings

    I need to plant a few Avocados, litchis and the miniature oranges ( Chinese ) in Bangalore. Do recommend reliable sources/nurseries for the same. Older plants of 2/3 years age would be preferred. Thanks
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    Suggestion required for Drip Irrigation

    drip Your plantation needs to be surveyed by a reputed drip manufacturer. They will check your water source, plant spacing , slopes etc and prepare a design with an estimate.The local horticultural officer will shed light on the subsidy part. One manufacturer is Jain Irrigation, you can contact...
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    seeds availability

    Please advice where I could procure, in Bangalore 1. Gondh seeds. 2.Black seeds ( Kalunji )
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    fruit plant seedlings

    Could some one direct me to a nursery, in and around Bangalore from where I can pick up a fairly grown up Avocado sapling and a Litchi sapling ( one each )
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    areca frond plate making, boon or bane ?

    Please let us know whether plate making using areca fronds has been banned at many marriage halls due to the pile up of litter and hence is becoming increasingly nonviable, specially if one were to invest on machinery etc thanks and regards vearth
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    organic produce certification and export

    Kindly enlighten on the following : 1. Agencies that certify an organic farm. 2. The type of organic produce that can be exported. 3. The parameters that govern organic farming. 4. The time period to establish a composite organic farm ? 5. Successful organic farms that we could visit in...
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    will there be a 3rd world war for -W-A-T-E-R?

    please watch the video The Story of Bottled Water
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    will there be a 3rd world war for -W-A-T-E-R?

    Sure, the earth's fresh water reserves are quickly disappearing, compounded by the fact that as the sea levels rise, salinity levels will also increase.Many a battle has already been fought over water ! both in Africa and in Asia ! The water wars will be first staged by the corporates who are...
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    NEW fertlizer for KERALA

    Few questions : 1. Are these product specifically designed for Kerala ? 2. Are there any field trial data to prove their efficacy ? 3. Are these products 100% organic ? 4. Can these products be used in Kodagu, Karnataka ? Thanks and regards vearth
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    looking for good and well established fruit tree saplings for planting in Bangalore

    looking for good and well established fruit tree saplings for planting in Bangalore rural taluk
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    hebavu saplings

    will someone provide info on the availability of "hebbaevu" tree saplings.This is for commercial planting in Hoskote taluk.Saplings established from seeds are prefered.
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    timber tree sapling varieties

    Would some one advice me on good timber varieties, for planting during this season in Bangalore.Do send me a private message. vearth
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    Wishing you great success in your endeavour,however please keep in mind that the technology you adopt SHOULD NOT make you dependent on synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. Regards VEARTH
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    Wanted distributors for organic pesticide and organic mosquito repellerent

    Please provide us more info on your products we are interested in theorganic formulations. Please contact.. regards vearth

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