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    For Sale Agarwood plant available

    Can you able to deliver in Kollam, Kerala. Please send me your email ID
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    For Sale Gir Calves for Sale

    Hi I am interested to know more about the calves..can you share me the pictures please
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    Land Available Agri land with big cow shed available in surandai in Nellai dist

    Hi would like to know the lease terms contact sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    For Sale Contact for Sadalwood / Chandan / Srigandham Plants cum Plantation Work at your Site

    Hi I am sudheerkumar gangadharan, from Kerala would like to know more about the the proposed Sandalwood farming I have land about 50 cents out of which 50% I would like to go for sandalwood farming. Kindly know me cost of plants and its maintenance for 3 years Thanking you sudheerkumar...
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    Land Available Coconut farm in Senkottai Tirunelveli dist

    May I go for Leasing option of the property?
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    sandal wood plant for sale 9894245449

    Hi Kindly know me the price and possibility to deliver in Kerala..Thiruvananthapuram Regards sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    Looking for people to join me for joint purchase of big land

    Hi Mr.Rajesh! Kindly know me more about the land: the physical facilities such as road access and availability of water resources in the land, any river, dam or canal passing through or nearby the land and the title transfer ability, whether the land belong to agricultural or commercial...
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    Looking for people to join me for joint purchase of big land

    Hi I would like to know the availability of land and is lying which region and ..facilities available s..such as water, road and fertility of the land and the transfer ability of ownership.... I am ready to invest 10 - 20 Lacs initially..based on the quality and specifications I have...
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    Can I get loan to start a cow farm?

    Hi Gautham! Let me know more about your experiences and locations..(state and district) possibilities and potential of market. Subsequently did you made any basic study? if so the viability etc. regards sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    Wanted buyer for Fresh Exotic Vegetables

    Hi I would like to know more about your price factor and quality as well, can you offer consistency in the related field, what abt tropical fruits...will you? Kindly give me quote for the concern. Thanking you sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    57 acres of farm land is avaiable for immediate sale in Chittoor Dt (Seemandhra)

    Hi I would like to know the price and other legal norms of the registration of the proposed land ..along with price often you can do these all, how I one can verify the encumbrance and non encumbrances of the said land. Kindly give me a reply early as possible regards...
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    Automatic Plantain Chips Plant

    Hi Kindly give me a quote on your plant based on 50- 60/k/h 1. The price of the plant whether it is fully automatic or partly automatic? 2. Cost of the production line and space required for the plant 3. Payment terms of the plant and installation and support 4. Whether your company...
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    Boer Male Goat

    Hi Mr.Jagdish! Kindly send me the average weight and age of the male goat and each weight in kilo.. and can you able to supply regularly? Thanking you sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    6.5 acres of agricutural land in mysore

    Farm House Hi Mr.Naveen! I am sudheerkumar, would like to know more features of the said property The expected price and other terms. Thanking you sudheerkumar .g
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    solar water heater start 11000 on words 7 years warranty

    Mr.Sudheerkumar gangadharan I would like to know more about the technical specifications of the Solar water heater.. especially the average time required for to get warm the water upto 80 degree and more Thanking you
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    sandal wood,melia dubia Plants for sale

    senior auditor Hi I would like to know more about the sandal wood saplings and prices Kindly know me more about all. Thanking you sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    Fresh coconut for sale

    Sudheer Hi Would like to know more about the coconut - is matured seeds or any other form Kindly quate price per tonn Thanking you sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    Aloevera plant- for sale

    Alovera Would like to know more about the cultivation of Alovera along with Sandal wood saplings, kindly advice me. Note: Can you advice a foreign country, if so how should be your charges for the concern. Thanking you sudheerkumar gangadharan
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    Sheeps and goats available

    sudheer hi let me know more about the goat available with you what is average weigh/per average age group male or female please send me your quote through mail Please contact...

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