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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    Hi Rohit You are correct. Most of the IT /ITES sector youths are under great stress due to hectic work pressure and would like to wind out and de-stress themselves for which they think the only via media is farming/farmhouse living in a absolutely rural environment. What is harm in that...
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    Need information on hydroponics technology

    Hi Adwait It is a good idea to start a goat farm but it all depends on your investment capacity.How much your own funds you are capable of investing apart from bank loan? It is possible to raise fodder through hydroponics technique if you do not have sufficient land.In case you have lands...
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    * 'Organic Farming Ventures" Consultancy

    *Hi All We deal on developing farm houses, farm lands, organic food, agriculture advisory/ consultancy services. We undertake medium to large projects in and around Bangalore and rural districts adjoining Hosur. Our specializations are: Organic horticulture/ hydro phonics/Soilless green...
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    will you lease out the land on long term instead of selling?If so pl. reply soon._dr g gandhi
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    *Looking for Farm Lands 50 acres around Bangalore/Tami Nadu Border district

    *I'm looking for a vast stretch of Agricultural Farm Lands for organic farming Project .The land should be located 40-50 kms away from Peripheral Ring Road in the Tamilnadu border districts or Bangalore Rural Districts/Taluks/Ramnagar Dist. Interested parties may contact by email: drgg...
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    Ecenomics of agri and early retirement from corporate career

    inspiring Experience to be emulated Dear All Mr.MN UPADHYAYA's experience as a post retirement agriculturist in a small land holding of 3 acres is worth emulating. I would be happy if he follows organic agriculture rather than the present chemically poisoning agriculture.By doing so, he...
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    Ecenomics of agri and early retirement from corporate career

    Dear Member Like you there are hundreds and thousands of IT guys who wish to retire at the mid age of 40-45 and go back to basics for a living in country side taking up agriculture as their livelihood avocation for a living. At we provide opportunities to invest in Organic...
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    Ayurvedic Pharma Medicines and Health products

    HI All You can start using for yourself/your family or kiths and kins the Neha Ayurvedic Pharma and Health Beverages/Drinks .You as members of Agriculture Forum are eligible for a fabulous discount upto 20% on MRP if you place a sizeable order worth not less than Rs...
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    Organic Polutry, Cattle Feed Panchakavya

    interested pl. contact me over mobile
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    Free/Organic Manures Methds/Book it

    pl. send me a copy of the booklet on organic farming methods to my following address: Dr.G.Gandhi
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    EUROGOLD Seaweed Organic Nutrients and Fertilizer

    I'm interested , send more details. dr g gandhi refer my website
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    Want to sell my 20 acres agricultue land

    Can you please furnish details about your farm lands' soil type, water source, electricity availability and the present crop grown. Please mention the price per acre and refer to our website so you may find more prospective buyers of land interested in organic farming. drgg.
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    organic farming

    organic farming practical guidance you can refer to the website :INTEGRATED POLYCULTURE FARMING SYSTEM,agro processing,organic farming,agriculture,multi crop for gettting all details and practical guidance . drgg
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    24 hour composting technology

    fast track compost making pl. send me more details as we do have a lot of enquiries . You may send personal mail,please contact... drggandhi
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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    Hi Pramod Do you love to , in memory of your loving dad , launch a totally Integrated polyculture Farming System ' of agriculture for which 10 acres land is sufficient and adopt NEISA (No External Inputs for Sustainable Agriculture). That means there won't be any need to buy costlier external...
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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    Hi guys Rohit First of all let of us know what is the objective of youself posing these endless list of questions. There is a Thirukkural by our saint poet Thiruvalluvar in Tamil:Those who are living on earth are the ones who do agriculture/farming food crops for mankind and all others are...
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    30 Acre Agriculture with following aviable

    Interested in your land I'm a organic farming advisor . One of my contacts , new lands similar to yours . Can you pl. let me know your contact details. The website debars giving my contact details and hence you ahve to initiate to contact me and give your number pl. wish drgg
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    Sale Bulk Bio & Organic Fertilizer to get Hi-Yeild

    Lands near Madurai-150 acres Lands suitable for farming near Madurai-Ramnad Road , requiement in 15o acres .Immediate purchase. Reply with details. drgg
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    Want to make good use of land rather than doing traditional Farming

    Hi Sharma Can help you in organic farming.You can give your contact details or call............. drgg

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