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    Pregnant Jersey Cow for sale at Uthapanaickanur, Madurai district

    First Calving Cow is in good health. Contact: 9841411001
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    Bamboo saplings Wanted

    Wanted 100 good quality Bamboo saplings. Near Usilampatti, Maduari. Please quote your cost. Send your contact in Personal message. Thanks, A.Saravanan
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    Wanted Agriland around chennai

    I am looking for 10 arce land in 200 km radius around chennai price less than 2lakhs/acre. Contact me in Private message.
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    consultancy on lotus farming

    Dear Sir, Apart from flowers what are all the uses of lotus? Why do we farm lotus? Lotus and water Lilly grow like a weed on our ponds. With regards, A.Saravanan
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    Kombucha wanted

    Hi, Any one having/growing Kombucha(Solid disc of Yeast growing in Tea) in chennai or anywhere in tamilnadu please contact me in my private message. Thanks, A.Saravanan
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    Intensive rearing of sheep, Is it Viable?

    Dear sir, Thank you very much for the useful informations you have provided. This is the real use of this forum. It would be nice, people use this forum to share the knowledge like this rather than for advertisements. Thanks, A.Saravanan
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    Fastest growing tree on the earth.

    It looks like another teak wood tree scandal. Search for "Megaflora Tree" in google and know yourself.
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    23.5 Acres Farm Land for Sale

    Price tag is missing! What is the Price?
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    Hydroponic gardening benefits?

    Yes, Hydroponic gardeing is really beneficial for the suppliers of the Hyproponic accessories.
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    curry leaves powder

    Hi Raja, My wife use to dry the curry leaves in shade till it become crushable in hand. Then she uses her mixie to make powder out of it. It has the same smell of green curry leaves. We use this powder to make curry leaf rice, rasam and other stuff. But she makes in small quantity. I...
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    Farm Land for Sale in Periyakulam,Theni Dist

    What is the Price? Soil type? is the stream perenial? What is depth of water table? Distance from Madurai?
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    Sweet Sorgum seeds Wanted.

    As per Tamilnadu Agri. university site. It is available int following locations. Varity SSV 84 Department of Millets Centre for Plant Breeding & Genetics Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore - 3. National Research Centre for Sorghum Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 030. M/s...
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    name of the millet

    Dear Sir, Here is the common name and Botanical name Little millet (Samai) Panicum sumatrance Italian millet (Thinai) Setaria italica Kodo millet (Varagu) Paspalum scrobiculatum Finger Millet (Kelvaragu) Eleusine coracana Common millet (Panivaragu) Panicum miliaceum Barnyard Millet...
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    Volunteering to work for Natural farmers

    Hi, I am Saravanan, aged 39, living in Chennai. I am interested in doing Natural farming. Now I am working in Software field. I do not have land. But I believe owning land is not important for doing farming. I want to work together and learn farming from an farmer who does Natural...
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    11 Acres Agricultural Land for Sale in Aruppukottai

    Is it 11 lakhs? or 1Crore10 Lakhs? !!! I hope it is 1Lakh/1Acre
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    Interested in Farming

    Hi Moderators, I am just refering to the forum in your own website. It is just silly to remove it. With regards, A.Saravanan
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    Interested in Farming

    Please contact.....
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    Interested in Farming

    Read the following threads in this website Please contact..........
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    farmland at Palani

    what is the price?
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    Nutrient solution for cocopeat

    Hi Avinash, If you are able to get cow urine well and good. Then you can try with diluted cow dung. Please search for Palekar Zero Budget Farming in the net you will get the formulation. Infact my formulation above is just the modification of that. I modified because I had difficulty in...

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