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    Consultancy for Aloe Vera/ Amla Plantation & Processing unit

    Fast growth tips for aloevera Hi I m from jaipur, rajasthan, I have done aloevera plantation of 60000 baby plants in feb 10, I want to know ,how can i get fast growth ,which manure should i use , and other tips .
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    wanted aloe vera plants

    Aloe baby plants Dear sir, we can supply you aloe baby plants at reasonable rate,Best quality of barbedensis miller. GREEN SOLITIONS, JAIPUR,
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    early profit farming

    Hi, I am from jaipur,rajasthan,I am having 4 hectre of land near jaipur, can any consultant would provide me details and help in production, Which farming will yield huge profit in short period,horticulture,floriculture, or medicinal plant cultivation, What would be suitable in this area`s...
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    Hi, I am from jaipur ,I am intrested in floriculture under greenhouse, can any one provide me details about varieties of flower suitable in this belt, and information about subsidies given by government in rajasthan,and cost of constructing greenhouse per sq. mt.
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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    Hi rohit, your views are correct according to the near future,In next few years there will be battle for food ,because of increasing population and decreasing agriculture, In future many corporates companies will jump in agribussiness, In future investment in agriculture would be toplisted...
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    want to start a agri business ..

    Dear kirti, I am from jaipur, I want to start floriculture bussiness through open cultivation, can you me provide me information regarding investment and land area required and profit margins. e-mail -
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    Invest Rs.1,500(rupees one thousand five hundred only) and reap upto Rs.5,000

    Dear sir , i am intrested in your project ,please send me details about this project, What is the location of this project, e-mail-
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    Consultancy Service For Floriculture

    I am intrested in floriculture ,i m in need of consultant for commercial floriculture, i also want to set up greenhouse, i m having 10 acre of land near jhunjhunu district,and 70 acre of land near sikar district near jaipur ,rajasthan Please contact...
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    Floriculture business

    I am from jaipur ,i am intrested in cut flower export, i am having 10 acre of land near jaipur, can you provide information about total investment , working and profit returns in this bussiness,and the licensing procedure .
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    Consultant-FLowers and Vegetables cultivation in Greenhouse or Shade Net

    Hi, bhupesh I m from jaipur ,I have 10 acre of land near jaipur , I am planning for a greenhouse project for cultivation of flowers and vegetables , can u provide me information regarding flowers and vegetables , which are suitable and can give a huge profit . Also details about work...
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    Advertising Grow Agar Tree for 10 years & you can get Rs30000 per tree

    hi, i have farm in jaipur, i want to plant agar tree on its border, I want to confirm that climate of jaipur is suitable or not for agar tree
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    Advertising Grow Agar Tree for 10 years & you can get Rs30000 per tree

    Thanks for information , can u tell me from where i can get baby plants of agar tree easily,what is the source to get it

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