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    Question Investment require for plant tissue culture

    Dear Mr.Krishnan, I am interested in small scale TC lab. Please contact me RGDS Seshadri
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    We help you to setting up new Tissue Culture Lab

    I am interested in setting up a Tissue culture lab pl. contact me by e-mail
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    Certified seeds For Sale.

    We need cold resistant big sized dwarf papaya F1 hybrid please quote ASAp to Chennai For example : PAPAYA SEEDS - F1 Hybrid Red Heart A high yielding orange to red flesh papaya hybrid . All plants bear fruits. Female fruits are slightly round, hermaphrodite fruits...
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    Cheap Agriculture Land in Dharmapuri dist

    Is it possible to buy smaller area? Does the land have approach road? Exact location in Google map?
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    Sale for coconut and coconut related products

    Dear Madam, I am interested in dessicated coconut. please contact me by
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    BORNEO rare fruit seeds for sale(Durio Sp & Artocarpus Sp)

    price for what qty please quote the price for delivery at Chennai, India, and your prices are for what quantity of seeds?
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    Rooting Gel

    please send me your contact details
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    Rooting Gel

    please send me your contact details
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    Daity business in New Zealand

    details required Please inform- what sort of a partner you are looking for and what kind of business you are offering?
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    Visit our farm - Relax for a day

    So I understand that it will take 2 hrs. from Bangalore. How much will it cost for a overnight stay? and how many people can get accommodated? What is the weather like or what is the best season to visit?
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    Farmland plots,hosur tamilnadu.

    details required Please give exact location in Map. and photos
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    Wanted 20 acres of farm land with in 300 KM radius of Chennai

    We have more than 40 ac. at Arcot (125 km from Chennai). contact
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    Need bank loan for purchasing agri land

    It depends on the project you submit. Actually the bank has to give at least 70% of the cost of the land. But unfortunately it will be only 50% or less.
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    know coir pots

    more info needed Please provide more information: Photos, sizes, other specs like durability, eco aspects, including production capacity to my e-mail or your web site address???? Regards
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    Also check whether the colour changes after processing. and how long does it take for the greens to go in to cover liquid after harvest? is there grade wise difference? Quite true it could be because of lack of water during these months.
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    Need Food consultant in Tamilnadu...

    request for coordinates pl give me your contact
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    invite distributor for ayurvedic eye number remover prodcut

    more details requested tell me what is eyes number. I understand it is eye sight power. People have short sight & long sight so does your drops help for all types? If yes pl tell me how does the drop work? How long does it take to cure for long/ short sight? Any clinical tests conducted? and...
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    We have available Stock of Buckwheat Ready for shipment

    What exactly do you have Green Mung or Buckwheat? As I understand both are different products!
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    Quick Return Agriculture projects.

    Please send me yr web site address
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    Want to set up home vineyard

    wine pl give me more details and offer to my personal e-mail

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