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    Organic Banana for Sale

    Dear All 100 percent Organic Banana available for sale. in reasonable price. Quantity is approx. 05 tones. we are growing all crops in our farmhouse by organic method at Pali Sudhagad. Maharashtra. Interested pl call me or mail. Traders, Wholesalers wel-come +919545850699
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    Liquid Chlorophyl -sale

    Dear Sir, Intrested in your product. Pl send me details of product. Packing, Price, Contact no etc. Pl send me mail or call me. Thanks Regards KK +919545850699
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    Dashparni Extract (New Formula)

    Scientificaly made,best quality Dashparni Extract( New formula) availablel for sale.Traderes, repackeres, farmers Wel Come. +919545850699
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    Requirement of Dashparni Extract

    Dashparni Extract/Organic-inorganic agro inputs Dear Sir, We are manufacturers & suppling bulk quantity of Dashparni Extract,Organic, inorganic agri inputs. Let me know your quantity. Pl contact me. 09545850699
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    Organic & Inorganic agro inputs

    Organic & Inorganic agri inputs available for sale Best quality PGR, biopesticides,Bio fertilizeres,( Liquied/ powder form)Bulk quantity ready. Traderes,repackeres pl contact me .
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    Monopoly agri. buisness

    We produces fishmeal & fishoil base organic PGR,Bio pesticiedes.soilconditioners, Bio fertilizeres etc Vaious crop trial data availabel.exllent results. monopoly buisness. Traderes,repackeres, everyone Wel come. Thanks
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    Urjent need Fishmeal

    Dear All Reqired bulk quantity Fishmeal for agri purpose. Intrested pl mail me details. rate/ location etc
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    100% Organic Onion for sale

    Dear all 100% Organic Onion availabel for sale. Specility : Best Quality,Unik size,05 layer,Medicinal properties,keeping quality 01 year.and testy. Growing from "KANDA GRAM" Maharashtra. Buyers pl contact with Quantity.
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    Urjently need of pure quality "FISH MEAL." Bulk quantity.Pl Quote me rates.
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    High Quqlity Pure Compost

    Dear Sir, Pl mail me your requiermment, Quantity.Packing size/ loose material & particluor location, Distance from Chittor. We are from Mumbai. But no issue of distance. Thanks
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    Wireless Temperature and Humidity sensors designed for Greenhouses

    Dear Sir, I am intresting in your product. Pl mail me product broucher/image and quote dealer price. We are supplier for polyhouse, greenhouse, shadenate house etc. Thanks
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    Tuberose (Rajanigandha) Bulbs

    We are pioneer of Various quality of Tuberoses (Rajanigandha) We have bulk quantity of high yeild bulbs.Suppling over India. Provinding cultivation tech, inputs, market links etc. Thanks
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    wanted rajnigandha bulb

    Tuberose(Rajanigandha) Dear Sir, I have bulk quantity of Rajanigandha bulbs. We are pioneer of various variety of Tuberoses. Suppling all over india & abroad. Also provinding cultivation mangment. let me know your quantity, location, contact. regards Thanks
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    for sale

    Pl give me your address, contact no. and budget rate. Intrested for purchase.
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    Cows For Sale

    Pl give me details. I am intrested.
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    Green House, Polyhouse, Shadenatehouse

    One roof facilities available for Greenhose, Polyhouse,shadenatehouse. Bank project report, NHB subseedy,Irrections. Plants. Inputs, Proper marketng etc. Skilled team.Resonable rates.
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    High Quqlity Pure Compost

    Pure & best quality Cowdung compost available. Scintficaly enreched & technicaly monitered mateial ready to sell. Production capacity 90 tons per day. packing house, transportation, lab facilities are available.Manufactures, dealeres Wel Come.
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    Poly House Construction

    Dear Sir I am intested in ur polyhose strcture. pl mail me location and price
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    Distributors wanted

    Dear Sir. I am interested in your exclusive products I working in organic farming at Western Maharashtra region Please quote me your products rates & packing Thanks regard
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    wanted experienced consultants to develop 50 acre pomegranate farm

    Dear Sir, Counsulting last from 20 potential pocket of POMO Atpadi, Sangola, Sangamner, Narayangaon etc We are doing mainly Organic metod as well as traditional. I am intrested in your project. Pl guide me HOW CAN WE GROW. Thanks Regards

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