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    We Offer Guarantee Farm Loans/ Personal Loans

    hello Dear sir a, interested in this offer so pl contact me
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    Land for sale near Mysore Airport

    land in mysore Pl let me know what area is this land is in. is it in front of the mysore airport, or behind the airport.Am interested in this property
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    Tea Plantation Information required

    ur enquirt for tea estate the average income for one hectare is around 60,000/ annum. I am from coonoot in the nilgiris. and 1 hectare is never a viable option for a tea plantation. If u still need further detailc anll me Anand
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    Solar water pumping systems. . . .

    Requirement of solar pumps Sir, I require solar pumps for my farm in the Nilgiris and mysore so pl get in touch with me with your specs. so as to enable us to take some positive steps. Also like to have ur address and contact Nos. so as to enable us to get in touch with u on one-to-one basis...
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    coffee Husk

    Dear Sir, Pl contact me with regards to coffee husk,as we are interested in it. Regards Anand
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    wonder agro chemicals

    i am interested to know more about ur product as i am into call
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    Requirement of betal nut

    betal nut sirs, Pl let me know in what form u require the nut andi shall quote u for the sam my name is Anand Warm regards J C Anand
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    Fruit plants for sale

    plants Sir, i am interested in the above plants. i tried ur number but it seems it is not working .plsend me the pricing to my mail id. regards Anand
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    10 acres of agricultural land for sale in chamarajanagar

    land requirement dear sir, pl send me details and also let me know when an visit the land so pl feel free to call me regards Anand
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    Tissue Culture Lab Equipments and Bio fertilizer Lab equipments

    tissue culture lab Sirs, I propose to set up a small plant tissue culture lab for inhouse production of some commercial flower plants if u can help me in this it will be really appericiated Regards Anand
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    diesel Power tiller(walking tractor,mini cultivator)

    price Dear Sirs, I am interested in this tiller(walking iller) so pl let me have full details with pricing and delivery schedule. Regards Anand J C
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    Contract Farming - south India

    contact farming Sirs, i have 15 acres in Mysore and am willing to look into this project pl contact Regards Anand
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    Funds and Maintenance Service for 1-20 MW Projects Available for Land Owners

    Sirs, I a Interested in the project pl send e details to my mail id < > andmy pl call so that we can take this project ahead. Anand
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    Dear Mr Krishan Mohan, I am in the process of setting up a tissue culture lab for the production of exoctic plants. So pl let me have ur price list and detaild of the equipments. Regards Anand J C
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    Dear Sir, I like to introduce orchids in the nilgiris and like to know ur prices for the plants my mail id is
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    Hi, u can visit the web site of the National Horticulture Mission and National Horticulture Board, and see the subsidies available. Aslo pl contact the horticulture/ Agricuylture board in your place and enquire from them the assistance available for floriculture.If u need further clarifications...
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    Hi, Pl let me know as to where un like to start this floriculture unit u r thinking about and i shall see if i am able to help you. My name is J C Anand Ex- Secretary of the Nilgiris flower Growers Association(2004 - 2008).pl feel free to call me if u have any further quires Please...........
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    Buying Agricultural Land

    careful for if ur non agri income is more than Rs.2,00,000.00 then u r not entitled to buy agri land, pl check with the register office before u part with your money
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    subsidy norms

    Subsidy Dear asbhos5, Pl do not be in a hurry for the subsidy norms for the XIth plan has been announced and there is a huge incerease in the ammounts. pl call and i shall be able to give u the necessary guidence for free, Please contact......
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    Anthurium growing

    Anthurium Dear Suresh, I don't know who this Mr. Anil Patil is,who is such a good authority of Coonoor. but My name is J C Anand and i am from coonoor and i am a floriculturist growing cut flowers in 8000 Sq.mts. Coonoor is suitable for most of the cut flowers, but it is not suitable for...

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