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    I WANT TO GROW TAMARIND Commercial purpose,WITH Sandal plants,OR Australian Teak,TEAK

    Tarmarind plant and sandal tree dear sir, kumil tree is the best one for timber and wood purpose with in seven years as Ist yield and the second yield is another 5 years. so kindly plant the tree. it will make a profitable than other trees in india.
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    a non farmer looking for opportunity in farming

    non farmer to purchase agri land agri land purchase in tamilnadu is easier than other states. and also we inform that puchasing of agri land in a bulk manner is profitable.
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    Wanted agriculture land in Andhra pradesh

    lands for agriculture as required by you available in southern part of tamilnadu
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    sandalwood farming

    sandle wood farming a good number of web sites are available for sandle farming
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    farm land wanted

    as expected by you farm lands are available in tamilnadu
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    buying agricultural land in africa

    buyingagri land in africa having a good chance to buy agri lands in tamilnadu
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    Agri land for sale in Sirumalai, Tamilnadu

    Lands near sirumalai can you send more details about the lands such as fencing,wells,eb,cropping and price

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