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    Opportunity Contract papaya farming

    Please write to me details of the contract. We have huge area of land.
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    Hello ., Where are you from

    Hello ., Where are you from
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    Opportunity Wanted farmers for Contract Farming - Beema Bamboo under buyback

    Hello , We can organise the area under for production. You can contact us
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    Required Tulasi cultivation in large scale for dry leaf purpose

    We are on the same job in Karnataka. If everything fits we can do the same for you. Please contact me...
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    Opportunity Stevia Contract Farming (100-150acres)

    Please call me if this still available .
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    Opportunity Tulsi Moringa Magni Brantashi Contract Farming

    Please contact me if this opportunity still exists.
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    Please contact me, we have large acreage of lands.
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    Wanted Turmeric, coriander, red chilli

    We have unpolished fingers 5mt. organically grown in Karnataka. Contact me
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    Available Moringa leaf cultivation

    Please contact me on my mobile number
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    Available Moringa leaf cultivation

    Land owners around Bangalore and Karnataka . Contact me for further information on contract farming of Moringa leaf , Sweet Corn and other crops.
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    Question Regarding mixed cropping of coconut plants with arecanut plants

    Dear Mr Don't go for Areca nut. Instead of that you can plant Mahogany which can give you good returns in 8 - 10 years. Don't waste your resources. This is my opinion. You can contact me for further discussion.

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