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    Question Need guidance for mushroom farming

    Dear Mr. Kkesrod, Can you specify what kind of information you are looking for in Mushroom farming or any other vertical of agriculture.
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    Why desi/heirloom seeds are not used for cultivation?

    Farmers say, "We do not know the genuine source of heirloom seeds so presently forced to use hybrid seeds." If you can help with some genuine desi seeds suppliers then feel free to share the information with us. Regards, Editorial Team
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    Need guidance / subsidy details to start-up dairy farm

    Dairy farming is a good business these days as demand of quality rich milk is on constant rise. To set up a commercial dairy farm selecting the right breed of cattle, fodder, breeding and farm operations are the important factors. Breed: Based on my personal experience I would strongly...
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    Need guideline to start-up drumstick cultivation in Valsad, Gujarat

    Drumstick also called as Moringa is a popular tree grown these days as it enriches the farmland soil with nitrogen enormously. It definitely is suitable for commercial cultivation in Valsad, Gujarat. It is a high yielding plant provided few important rules are followed during the plantation...
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    Need expert advice on what to grow 14 acre land in Maharashtra to earn good profit.

    Crop selection must be done with respect to the soil and climate. However it is best to have mixed crop farming in which there is balance between trees, seasonal vegetables and cereals. Ideally trees to be transplanted must be fruits as it gives money annually and melia dubia as it is for long...
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    Need guidance on how to cater Sahiwal, Gir cow

    Gir and Sahiwal are the best indigenous dairy breeds of the country. These two breeds yield A2 milk rich in medicinal properties and having fat content between 4-5%. Desi cows such as Gir, Shaiwal, Tharparkar, Kankrej, Red Sindhi and others are disease resistant and withstand all odds. These...
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    Question NEED guidance to start Organic Farming

    With the use of green manure and mulching the crop production will be increased and the farmers' farm will become disease resistant. However it should be noted that it is not a miracle that will happen overtime. The soil has lost its fertility over a period of time now to restore the fertility...
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    Need suggestions to start-up teakwood plantation.

    Instead of teak plants grow Melia Dubia as it is more profitable. Melia dubia is disease resistant and low maintenance tree. Even though the time between planting and harvesting, the rotation period, for teak is long yet it is profitable. This forest tree is like bank fixed deposit to the...
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    Need guidelines for shrimp farming in Nellore(Andhra Pradesh)

    If the farmland has saline water then it must be used as strength. It can be done by setting up an aquaculture farm. In aquaculture either it can be fish farming or shrimp farming. In Andhra Pradesh it is better to do shrimp farming because the conditions are suitable and selling is easy as...
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    I m interested in fish farming so pls guide line to me

    The first time fish farmer can begin their venture by rearing commonly grown fish that are easy to grow and sold without any hassle. As they gain the experience they can try their hands in many other ways to expand their operations. Beginners in fish farming should initially start composite...
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    Need information to set-up spirulina business

    Producers in all the segments find marketing tough but things produced has to be sold! Similar is the case of spirulina too. In this competitive world one needs to keep finding marketing their produce by creating the awareness on the benefits of using the particular product. Depending on others...
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    Question Need guidance for mushroom farming

    Mr. Pragnesh Patel, founder, MK Farm, is doing good work in mushroom cultivation in Gujarat. He also provides valuable guidance to the people genuinely interested in mushroom cultivation. Just email him and he shall help in best possible way. His email:
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    Need your suggestions to stop Moringa flowers drop

    Moringa is a fast-growing tree, drought tolerant, easily adapts to varied ecosystems and farming systems.It occupies a unique and consistent position in the Indian vegetable industry. The cultivation of moringa in India occurs mainly in the Southern viz., Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and...
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    intercropping with marigold

    Marigold is an excellent crop for intercropping. It is the renowned as best trap crop. The reason being different kind of pest gets attracted to the yellow colour of marigold flower precisely borers. These pests lay eggs on the flower and doesn’t move towards the vegetable rows. Besides the...
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    Need information on goat vaccination.

    Four kind of vaccinations are must namely PPR, ETV, FMD and goat pox. PPR is given once in three years, ETV yearly once, FMD has to be done once in 6months and goat pox once a year. Besides de-worming is mandatory once in every 3 months. Whenever a new batch of goat comes to the farm the first...
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    Need suggestion on legal documents needed for Goat farming

    There are no legal documents required for starting the goat farm in India as it is allied extension of agriculture. To begin with farmer can start goat farming within their farm premises and expand the operations as they gain the experience and financial strength for capital investment. Later...
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    Guidance required for flower cultivation in polyhouse

    Growing flowers in polyhouse is favorable for the farmers as the quantity and quality of the produce is excellent. There are different types of flowers that can be grown in the polyouse such as cut roses, gerbera, carnations, orchids etc. The variety of flowers to be grown should be decided...
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    Need guidance to start-up aloevera farming

    Aloe Vera farming is profitable business. Being rich in medicinal properties its demand is high in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Commercially it would be viable if it can be grown in 1.0 hectare farmland. It grows very well in dry land where the rainfall is relatively less. In water...
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    Question Need guidance for mushroom farming

    Dear Jyothi, Share your email address.

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