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    citronella oil

    Give your contact details on
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    Herbal leafs, seeds, barks , roots etc available

    Dear Jones, Give rates of mentioned products on or call on 09825472327
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    sale Ginger, Kachoor, Turmeric, dantimool herbs for sale

    We are interested in buying products as describe. Pls. feel free to contact on 09825472327
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    Sale of dill seed meal as cattle feed raw material

    We offer dill seed meal i.e dill seed left after oil extraction as a potentail cattle feed raw material with high nutritive values with test report. Qty. 20 - 50 M.T per month. Parameters Tested Test Method Results Calories Kcal/100 gm FAO PAPER 77 2003...
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    Supplying Seeds at Good Rate

    Pls. provide list of seeds available with you and your contact details. We are interested in timothy. Dr.P. A. Kahar K.P.AGRO-SCIENTIFIC MAIL: contact no.: 09825472327
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    raw herbs required

    Dear All, We have regular requirements of following items in bulk. 1. Geranium dry leaves 2. lavender dry 3. Patchouli dry leaves 4. Rosemary Dry leaves 5. sandalwood saw dust 6. mogra flowers dry 7. champaca flowers dry 8. rose flowers dry 9. tuberose...
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    Wanted pure desi breed of GIR cows?

    We require calves of GIR cows. Nos. 10-20. What will be the price of 3- 4 months calf. Pls. reply on 09825472327
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    Aloevera leaves, juice and gel

    Aloe vera leaves, juice and gel available for sale in bulk quauntity at most competitive rates on regular basis. Interested party may contact on or 09825472327. Dr. P.A.Kahar
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    land for contract farming

    We require 3,000 acres of land for contract farming of "rajko" in kutch or Banaskantha, Gujarat. Appropriate interested party may send pvt. msg. or contact us.on. 09825472327 02637280437
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    Alfalfa grass bales

    Pls. give your contact number and mail I.D to discuss the matter out of the forum. Thanks Dr. P.A.Kahar
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    Alfalfa grass bales

    We are in requirement of 30,000 MT ALFALFA grass bales ( 300 - 750 kg per bale) per annum. Parties able to supply this material, may contact us immediately. Dr. P.A. Kahar 09825472327
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    wanted davana seeds

    we are in requirement of davana seeds for plantation nearly 25 acres. Pls. contact on 09825472327
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    Lemongrass Oil

    details of lemon grass oil we are interested pls give specifications, rates and quantity of lemon grass oil available with you. 09825472327
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    geranium planting material

    We require geranium planting material for 20 acres of plantation. interested supliers may contact with lowest quotes. contact: 09825472327
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    palmarosa oil

    we are in requirement of palmarosa oil. Pls quote rates/kg.
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    Require raw material for briquette plant (ground nut shells,soya stalk,mustard etc.

    dear punit patel, we can supply your need. Pls give me details where you need the material. Thanks and regards. You may contact us on or 09825472327
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    natural oils

    100 % natural dill, cumin, ajwain, fennel oil. quantity : 10 ton each quality : as per requirement packing : 180 kg HDPE barrel contact pls.
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    Wanted saplings or cuttings of rosemary and geranium

    We are in requirement of good quality cuttings or saplings of rosemary and geraniium in bulk. Those who are in position to supply at lowest rates can send private message or send a mail
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    Bhringaraj/Eclipta alba seed

    Quote rates of 50kg bhringraj seed or call

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