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    Subsidy on Wind Pump for drawing water - need Help

    I am a small time first generation upcoming organic farmer. I am about to purchase a Wind Pump spending over 2 lacs for my farm in Tirunelveli, TN. Is there any government subsidy i can get over the invoice ? I have searched various sites of non-renewable energy. Though the government...
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    Hand pump for Bore Well

    I want a good quality Hand Pump for my newly dug bore well. The water available from 40 feet onwards. The location required is near Nanguneri, Tirunelveli District. Please quote the rate and the details for for installation. I would prefer Meera Ceiko pump as it is hard built. Something...
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    Wanted Bullock Cart

    I intend to do organic farming using traditional methods, but with modern or efficient implements. I need a bullock cart trailers 3 Nos with tyres (not wooden wheels). The trailer must be as follows a) pulled by Single bullock with two tyres b) Two bullocks trailer with 4 tyres c) Bullock...
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    Using Gravity from overhead tank for sprinkler

    Hi, I am about to try a concept in my farm. I am going to invest in a Syntax Tank of 2 Nos of 5000 liters going to be mounted on top of a 20 Feet iron fabricated girder (typical water tank). I will pump water into this tank day long using nominal pump. End of day, using the pressure from the...
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    10 Acres with 1 Acre Lemon Farm

    Lemon Farm - YouTube I have chanced upon a 10 Acre land in Tirunelveli district with one acre having matured lemon trees (10 years +). Complete with boring, well, electricity etc. Now not maintained properly, but lemons are yielding. The owner had grand plans, but has not taken it forward...
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    organic Farming near Nanguneri

    Hi, I am planning making a transition from my 25 years of long career in IT to Organic Farming. I am not from agriculture family. But I have passion and committment. My areas of interest would be vermicompost, vegetables and scientific organic farming. Presently I am testing and gathering...

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