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    i want to buy agriculture lands in karnataka Or tamilnadu

    Hello, i want to buy Agriculture lands in Karnataka and tamilnadu, please give the details and more information what is required to buy
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    Lands wanted in karnataka state for farm & agriculture purpose

    Hello all here i am looking for lands in karnataka state for the purpose of agricultural & farm purpose anyone who is interested to sell the property.Can please give the details Area available District Road Approach Water Electricity Value per Acre...
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    Land wanted for purchase

    Hello, lands wanted for purchase(buy),in mysore dist/chamarajanagar dist/nanjangud. contact if clear titles Contact with your contact no, Name and details
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    Lands wanted for purchase

    Hello, Hello i am looking for lands for purchase,contact me directly if the titles are clear and and if its good Pricing( Cheap ) Contact with full details, All clear papers, your Contact no, Name Regards Ravianil
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    When is Krishi Mela in Bangalore GKVK in 2013

    Hello, i wish to know when is Krishi Mela in GKVK in Bangalore
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    land for long term lease in karanataka state

    Hello, looking for long term lease of lands in karanataka state
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    we are looking for lands for long term lease for dairy/cattle - agriculture purposes. Road access should be their.give us with details about soil quality/water avaiablity- karanataka /AP / TN Any one interested reply
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    waten Grains in long term basic

    hello to farmers i want grains in long term basics, if any one interested contact me or send me the details Regards RaviAnil
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    Bannur Sheeps Wated

    I am Looking for Bannur Sheep's & Cerals/Grams & wheat any one interested reply me soon with your Contact details & address Regards -Ravi
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    Paddy for sale

    bulk quantity of Good Quality Paddy for sale
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    I wish to know about the banks who will give Loan to purchase the agricultural lands .Regards Ravi
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    Paddy for Sale

    we had good Quality Paddy for immediate sale any one interested contact ravi
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    Staff/labours required for Dairy farm

    I am looking for Good/ Trust Worthy staff for my small dairy farm land, Any families who are interested contact me . Regards Ravianil
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    Dairy farming

    I want to start a Dairy farm, i have land & Power,place & i am growing green fodder also, but i want to do it in a professional manner for this i want to know will be able to get any bank assistance to buy HF/jeresy/Cross breed cows & Murra baffslos . Which banks will assist me to buy...
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    land Wanted

    Wish to buy land in & around T Narsipura / Talkad ,if any one interested to sell or give it Please inform me the details of the land & the Price also & please let me know the clear details to move forward about the same . Thank You Ravi
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    I am Looking for a tractor any one interested in selling the tractor with trailor, Please let me know the details of tractor & price you are quoting for it call me on --Ravi
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    Land wanted

    I am looking for a land around talakad, T narsipura taluk,dry & wet land any will do Plz mail me or contact me.
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    I am looking for a tractor Mahindra 475di or 575di model or purchase, any one interested in selling the said tractor plz mail me.... Regards Ravi
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    About the Goat farming & details about it

    wish to know what is the least area required to atart the goat farming & the set backs of it & wish to know the entire details about it as i am willing to start goat farming . Hope you will be able to guide me in a proper way & give the clear details about the back drops & possitive ones
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    Wanted help from the experts\

    I want to know, Why a Non famer related family person is not allowed to buy a agricultural lands ( for the cultivation Purpose) How to buy a agricultural lands ? Is thier any way to take a Agricultural land on Lease from the Govt . I am resident of Karanataka & born in karanataka...

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