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    Wanted Wanted Organic Vegetables

    Looking for Organic farmers in and around Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) within 50 Kms. Who can supply organic vegetables on daily basis. Please do respond only if 100% pure organic farming methods are followed. We are planning to open an organic store at Tuticorin. Thank you.
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    Subsidy for Greenhouse/Ployhouse

    Hi, Are there any subsidies for Greenhouse farming/Polyhouse farming. Planning to set up a greenhouse/polyhouse on a 50 Cents plot for cultivation. Do we have support from Govt on these projects. If yes whom should we approach. Has anybody in such a project please do let me know, i do...
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    Agricultural Land Near Tuticorin

    Required 5 acres of cheap agricultureal land costing of around 1 Lac per acre near Tuticorin. Thanks

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