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    For Sale Vermicompost For Sale.

    Can you send 25 kg for my kitchen garden at Badlapur-421503, Maharashtra? What will be the transportation charges and how to make the payment? Will you accept bank transaction? Kindly reply to Thank you. S.R. Iyer
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    For Sale Vermicompost For Sale.

    I need 25 kg for my kitchen garden at Mumbai. Kindly send me your cost including transporting. In Mumbai, it is Badlapur(East)-421503. My email: Thanks
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    For Sale Vermicompost For Sale.

    Dear Sir, I need 25 kg at Mumbai for my kitchen garden. What will be cost including delivery charges? After hearing from you I can mail my address to you. My email: My phone number 07738687613. Thanks.
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    Red WIgglers ( Earth Worm )

    small quantity of red wigglers Can you send just 1 kg or 100 nos. for my personal kitchen garden? please quote the rate. I am in Mumbai. sr iyer
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    Red WIgglers ( Earth Worm )

    Can you send just 1 kg or 100 nos. for my personal kitchen garden? please quote the rate. I am in Mumbai. sr iyer
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    Solar fencing for Domestic Areas:

    Sir, kindly let me know the cost for fencing 1 acre form land. Thanks S.R. Iyer
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    Agriculture Plot only for Rs.21 sqft only in Maharashtra

    kindly mail me the detail with photos I am not a former. Can we purchase the land with 7/12 in our name? Thanks.
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    coffee land sale in kodai

    If you sell one acre, then I will be interested.
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    Reg. Aloe vera farming

    Dear Sir, Send me the details with expected price. Regards, S.R. Iyer
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    farm house for sale

    Dear Sir, Is it still available? If so, what is the cost? reply to S.R. Iyer
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    Fabulous,flat, fertile agricultural lands for sale in Thally near Hosur and Bangalore

    Quote the rate please. Also full details of the land. (water,road,light, neighbors, Laborers availability) S.R. Iyer
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    1.5 Acres of Agriculture Land for Sale near Tindivanam

    Dear Sir, Give me more details like the possibility to stay in the form. i.e. road, light, water, neighbours, availability of essential house hold things etc. I am very much interested in the said property. Thanks. S. R. Iyer
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    A small agricultural plot, attached to Tar road, is for sale near Mysooru

    Dear Madam, Is it viable to live there for elderly couple? I am interested, if it is nearby to road, water facility, good neighbours, clear title, and domestic things available nearby. Kindly reply. Thanks. S.R. Iyer
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    farm land near kancheepuram - tamilnadu very low price for sale

    Dear Sir, If it is still available, kindly send me the details. Thanks. S.R. Iyer
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    8 Acres, Red soil, with Power & Water. Near Mysore @ 3.8 Lak/Acre

    Dear Sir, I need only one acre. Will you please consider? If so, kindly furnish the full details like - road, water, electricity, neighbours. This is for my retirement house. Thanks. S.R. Iyer
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    lets group and buy land

    Yes, I am interested. This will be for my retirement house. I may be taking 1 acre land. Please do keep in touch. Thanks. S.R. Iyer
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    Ready For Sale 5 Acre AGRI – MANGO –COCONUT FARM Land in Dindigul District -TAMILNAD

    Dear Mr. Rahman, I need only half-acre land for my personal retirement stay. Is it possible to give only half-acre? Also give me the details about - road, light, water, living facility and medical and banking facility. Kindly reply back with full details - because it is for my future life...
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    A Tiny farmland under 1 acre is for sale near Mysooru.

    Dear Madam, Can we start living there? I am looking for a place for my retirement life. Give me the full details about the village's name, water availability, light and medical facility. Thank you. S.R. Iyer
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    15 acres red soil land with bldg

    Dear Sir, What is the cost of the land? Is it possible to sell only half-acre for my personal - retirement life? Kindly reply with full details. Thanks. S.R. Iyer
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    agri land sale

    Dear Sir, What is the location? Give me full details about road, light, neighbour and the living condition. I am interested to by half-acre for my retirement life. Thanks. S.R. Iyer

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