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    Wanted Looking to buy agriculture land in Maharastra 50 to 80km from Bombay..

    Looking to busy agriculture land in Maharastra. 50 to 80km from Mumbai... Contact me... Prefer: Shapur Murbaad Karjat Panvel... or other place But within 50 t0 80 KM Price 5 to 10 Laakh
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    Wanted Want to buy 1 bhiga land in Rajasthan.

    At what price range do you need? I can let you get that... Contact me at :
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    Wanted I Need Ardyu tree Plants in Jaipur Rajasthan

    I Need Ardyu tree Plants in Jaipur Rajasthan 500 Neem Plants 3 to 5 fit 1000 Ardyu Plants 3 to 5 Fit Anyone can help me? Email me WhatsApp : 08082750786
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    How to Decide Lease Price for Farming for our Land?

    How to Decide Lease Price for Farming for our Land? Please give me price idea guys Who knows about it.. I have water, electricity, Road N good Farmland... Email:
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    Wanted contract farming for tomatos in uttar pradesh required

    I am also looking for contact farming Capsicum ,cucumber, N Tamatos I can grow for you with contract to Buy back. Please contact me at :
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    Wanted NEED 3 to 5 acres of Agri/farm land for LEASE.Around 30 to 50 kms from Chennai.

    We have all the faciloties on Farm Land.water electricity Road
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    Wanted I am interested to purchase 5-10 acres in Nilgiris area

    Hi, Looking for 50,000/- per Acre Land If you can? Plz write me back to :
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    Wanted Interested to buy a coconut farm in Theni, Madurai

    Hi Msg me at :8082750786 Email:
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    Wanted Need safed musli seeds for cultivation in 10 acres.

    I am also Looking for Safed Musli Seeds Write at :
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    Wanted Looking to buy 2 to 5 Acre land near Bombay.

    Hi, I am Looking agriculture Land Near Bombay 1 to 2 hours Drive from Bombay or 50 to 70 KM from Andheri Please write me back with price.. Email me at : WhatsApp : 8082750786 Should have Road up to Land
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    Wanted NEED 3 to 5 acres of Agri/farm land for LEASE.Around 30 to 50 kms from Chennai.

    Hi, I want to know how much Will you pay for lease 5 Acre?
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    Wanted Looking for Marigold & Jasmine Supplier to be supplied to Malaysia together with cargo advise.

    Contact me at this WhatsApp No : 91 8082750786 Or at this Email : We can export you..
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    Wanted Wanted agri land near Bangalore.

    Hi Contact me at my WhatsApp :8082750786
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    Wanted Looking to built a Green House and Poly House Jaipur, Rajasthan.

    Hi, I am looking for someone to built Green house and poly house. My Farm is in Jaipur, Rajasthan.. I am looking for best rates and Best work.. N i am looking for a Comoany who can built my Green House First and do the subsidy Theirself..I can pay my part as soon As you finish my work.. Plz...
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    Need suggestions to start-up aloevera juice plant or other kind of juice plant.

    I want to start Aloevera Juice Plant.Anyone can help me? N how i Much will it cost..? Please write me back on My email : Or msg me on my WhatsApp : 8082750786 RAFI
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    Wanted Require Cheap Agriculture Land for Sale in Karnataka and Andra Pradesh 5 Acres to 50 Acres

    Hi I have very good 10 Acre Land in Jaipur..Rajasthan What Profit or Rent you can pay me..? Please contact me at : WhatsApp :8082750786
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    Wanted Need consultant and cultivators to help start-up mushroom cultivation project.

    Hi, Can you help me to start Mashroom Plant in Jaipur,Rajasthan? I need Help..
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    Hi, Please let us know the price

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