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  1. xsteelin

    For Sale For sale dry moringa leaf, seeds and plnats

    We can supply in bulk Dry moringa leaf , seeds , powder and plants . Any one interested may please contact . Regards
  2. xsteelin

    For Sale Dry moringa leafs seeds & power

    We have in bulk Dry Moringa leaf, powder and seeds . Interested buyers can contact us for details . Regards
  3. xsteelin

    Wanted Medicinal plants. stevia, ashwagandha, tulsi, moringa and other medicinal plants

    Dear fellow members and guest We are looking for purchase medicinal plants in bulk volume . Those who are interested can share the rates and quantity on my contact directly .
  4. xsteelin

    For Sale rice husk pallet/blocks and rice husk ash

    We have rice husk pallet/blocks and rice husk ash (white & grey) both. interested parties please feel free to contact. regards
  5. xsteelin

    Question How to use rice husk in poultry feed ?

    we want to use our rice husk in poultary feed, if its possible , how and what are the ways, pls advise

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