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    wanted for buyer

    Hello, i'm rizwaan from A.P we'r searching for buyer are distributer's for bio-fertilizer 12 types of product's it's pure&natural organic... contact me for order's allover india this is our own formula so please contact me. And we'r given suply also insuline plant's for diabetic parson's this...
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    Amla for sale

    hi hello sir my name is rizwaan i'm from hyderabad were'have amla give me ur contact no&ur cottetion fruit size and quantity mu
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    buyer company for whiet grass powder

    hello friends, we have whiet grass powder powder 3ton's any buyer please contact me production in a.p thank you.
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    Hydrabad, Secunderabad

    hi hi,mr sajay i'm rizwaan from hyderabad i'm in herbal field what type of assistance do;u want call me .thank'u
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    Aloe Vera cultivation in Hyderabad Area

    for buy back hello,madam my name is rizwan shareef i'm also from hyderabad madam we' readt to provide buy back& cultivation service and process allower a.p. contact me thank you.
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    Urgently wanted Aloevera plants

    aloe plant hello, i'm rizwan sharif call me i'can provide for total plant's thank'u
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    Want to do Stevia plantation in Gujarat

    stevia hello sir, my self rizwan sharif from hyderabad sir if want to stevia plant i'can provied'u call me once thank'u
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    Granite land for sale

    dear friend's hello my self rizwan shareef from a.p if'u want hearbal product's and aloevers leaf amla hole lesf powderans cosmotic product's we'can provide , thank'u
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    Granite land for sale

    hello hello i'm shareef from hyderabad which granite you have this's hill land are flat tell me this no are mail id and one morething do'u have zoological servey report if'u have attach one copy

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