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    Question Need guidance to start-up organic poly house

    I am a grower of cut flowers under Polyhouse in 3.5 acres in Hosur. I have received subsidy under NHB. I shall be happy to help people who are looking to do Polyhouse farming. Feel free to contact Chakravarthy
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    For Sale Fully developed farm with polyhouse for sale near Bangalore

    This is wonderful opportunity to buy fully developed poly house with cut flowers, All under production. Located in pristine and scenic landscape in thally region. It has the best climate suited for flowers and vegetables in the hosur region. Total patta land extent ii 4.45 acres which is in 4...
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    Wanted Partner required for greenfield polyhouse farming

    Send your contact details or whatsapp at 9790755515
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    Wanted Partner required for greenfield polyhouse farming

    I am into polyhouse farming for last 5 years near Hosur, a place 45kms from electronic city. I have fully developed a 4 acre polyhouse farm from scratch and currently grow cut flowers and some vegetables. With my current experience and exposure, I am planning for expansion into other produce...
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    Wanted Wanted : Retail A2 milk distributors in bangalore

    What is your capacity and in which area would you be able to supply?
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    For Sale Farm for lease near Hosur/Bangalore

    Total land area is 4.5 acres. Excellent production and quality of roses.50 cents of Polyhouse is vacant and can be cultivated with any crop. Polyhouse is less than 2 years old. Amenities available 1.cold storage of 20feet by 10 feet. 2.Two bore wells.Excellent yield in 1 borewell runs with 10hp...
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    How to get subsidies in poly house

    Getting subsidy is a mammoth task. I have been waiting for 2 years after all due procedure and still waiting. Please think twice about the project if subsidy alone is the reason for going for polyhouse. NHB is definite no..Maybe you can consider NHM if it is good in your state
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    Wanted Wanted green house on lease/rent in Bangalore

    what kid of flowers are you looking to grow in greenhouse?

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