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    Wanted I want black wheat

    I need black wheat , available ? Please contact.
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    For Sale Ginger spind for sale

    Ginger spins for sale in bulk quantity anyone interested please contact.
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    For Sale Kothumai thavidu or wheat bran Rs.12 per kg in Tamilnadu

    I need wheat bran ,please call
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    Wanted Rice Bran monthly requirement Bangalore

    Hi, I am from Coimbatore we can supply Rice bran regularly . Please share your contact no.
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    Wanted Cotton Seed

    நல்ல தரமான cotton seeds நான் ரெகுளராக சப்ளை செய்கிறேன். ( I can supply good quality cotton seeds)
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    For Sale Wheat for sale from Bihar

    Feed grad wheat Is Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore delivery available at. Rs. 12 / - per kg?....
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    Wanted Cotton Seed

    I supply cotton seeds. Please contact.
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    Wanted Rice Bran monthly requirement Bangalore

    Dear sir, I am Tamilnadu near Coimbatore sir. I supply rice bran bulk quantity sir.
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    For Sale Vegetables from Bangalore.

    Please contact, Manikkannan
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    Opportunity Distribution for nethouse vegetables

    I I am supply to cucumber ,green chill. I am Tamilnadu in Tiruppur. Please contact .
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    For Sale Vegetables from Bangalore.

    I am from Tiruppur sir . I supply to Beans, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, beetroot, carrot, vendakai, avarekai, tomatto, onion, garlic, ginger, kothamalli, pudhina, corn maize, lemon....items vegetables. Please call contact.
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    Wanted I need export DRY CURRY LEAF

    --------------------------------------+ OK. Pls send to me first rate ?
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    Wanted I need export DRY CURRY LEAF

    . Please contact
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    Wanted I need export DRY CURRY LEAF

    Dear I need in bulk quantity export quality' DRY CURRY LEAF ' ..regular base. Available please contact
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    For Sale Damaged agriculture Knapsak Power Sprayer – 2200 Sets

    Sale in damaged Agriculture Knapsak Power Sprayer – 2200 Sets...low price
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    For Sale Red cilliy seeds for sale in bulk

    Red cilliy seeds for sale in regular.Best quality,and low price.interest pls call 9443739395
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    For Sale Ginger powder for sale

    Ginger powder sale in regular .Best quality,low price interest pls call.9443739395
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    Wanted Wanted RICE BRAN

    Wanted rice bran in bulk quality. Pls call 09443739395
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    Wanted I need rice bran

    I need a Rice bran in bulk quality. Available you pls call
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    Wanted I need Organic dried Moringa leaves

    Can you supply Organic dried Moringa leaves? Pls conduct

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