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    Wanted I want black wheat

    I need black wheat , available ? Please contact.
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    For Sale Ginger spind for sale

    Ginger spins for sale in bulk quantity anyone interested please contact.
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    Wanted I need export DRY CURRY LEAF

    Dear I need in bulk quantity export quality' DRY CURRY LEAF ' ..regular base. Available please contact
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    For Sale Damaged agriculture Knapsak Power Sprayer – 2200 Sets

    Sale in damaged Agriculture Knapsak Power Sprayer – 2200 Sets...low price
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    For Sale Red cilliy seeds for sale in bulk

    Red cilliy seeds for sale in regular.Best quality,and low price.interest pls call 9443739395
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    For Sale Ginger powder for sale

    Ginger powder sale in regular .Best quality,low price interest pls call.9443739395
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    Wanted Wanted RICE BRAN

    Wanted rice bran in bulk quality. Pls call 09443739395
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    Wanted I need rice bran

    I need a Rice bran in bulk quality. Available you pls call
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    Wanted I need Organic dried Moringa leaves

    Can you supply Organic dried Moringa leaves? Pls conduct
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    For Sale Damage Stock of Coco Beans sale 60 MT

    Dear sir ..., Damage Stock of Coco Beans sale.Quantity 60 MT.low price .Interest buyer pls call. B.Manikkannan.09443739395
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    For Sale Areca lef & plates ( with Export quality )for sale in bulk

    Dear sir ..,Areca Lef & Areca Lef plates sale in low price.My plates & Lef good quality.Export Lef & plates available. Interest buyer pls call .9443739395.(Tirupur in Tamilnadu)
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    For Sale Areca lef plates sale in bulk

    Areca Lef plates sale in bulk .Rate in lowest. Interest buyer pls call 9443739395
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    I want Areca leaf Export quality plates

    I want Areca leaf plates ,Export quality plates bulk quantity I want 7", 8", 10", Round & square type..Areca leaf plates manufactured ,bulk trader ,seller etc...,pls call 9443739395
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    I want Rice Mill used Machine & driyers,etc....

    I want Rice Mill,Dall mill,wheat mill used Machine & driyers,etc....sales available pls call 9443739395
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    Water damage TEA POWDER 100 MT for sale

    Water damage Tea powder 100 MT for sale.interest buyers pls call 9443739395 (Use in Natural fertilizer)
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    I want Areca leaf plates

    I want Areca leaf plates Export quality plates. 7 " ,8", 10" Round type & square type Pls call 9443739395
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    Sale for sogo

    350 MT expired sago available for sale at Tamilnadu. Interest buyers pls call 9443739395
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    I want TEA estate

    I want 100 acres to 200 acres want to TEA estate. Any sellers pls call 9443739395 Note : Only UTHGAMANDALAM (Ootiy) District
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    Tea எஸ்டேட் விலைக்கு வேண்டும்

    நீலகிரி மாவட்டத்தில் 100 லிருந்து 200 ஏக்கருக்குள் உள்ளTea எஸ்டேட் விலைக்கு வேண்டும்.விற்பனைக்குள்ள Tea எஸ்டேட் முதலாளிகள் தொடர்பு கொள்ளலாம்.9443739395
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    Coriander seeds & powder sale

    Coriander seed 11,000 kg (Partially splited) & coriander powder 7500 kg (pure) is available for sale. Price in low .Interested buyers pls contact.9443739395

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