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  1. minalahm

    For Sale Bamboo seeds.

    I have available bamboo seed. All variety off Bamboo Seed avilable. Such as, polymarpha, tulda, moso bamboo , tulda , Dendrocalamus gigantus, stictus bamboo , olivery bamboo, bambusa balcooa tissue culture bamboo, all type of rizome of bamboo, seed, bamboo plant, We deliver all over India, very...
  2. minalahm

    For Sale Cinnamon Bark

    I have avilable cinnamon inner bark and outer bark. Cassia variety of cinnamon. True cinnamon. If someone need , then please contact with me..I am from Assam , Guwahati. If anybody interested then direct message me private conversation. Thank you all.
  3. minalahm

    For Sale Agarwood plant available

    I have available agarwood plant and cinnamon plant.2 feet above height.I m from Assam. If someone needs, contact me. I will sell at a reasonable price.
  4. minalahm

    Wanted Chinese teak

    I need Chinese teak plant quantity 4000. height 1 feet above. If anyone has stock please send the number In private message.
  5. minalahm

    For Sale Cinnamon plant

    First of all, good afternoon all users. I am a plant supplier from Assam I have stock cinnamon plant, cardamom plant . If anyone need then kindly contact with me. I have all all type of categories registration firm document. There is no issue. Thank you . * Notice - If your quantity is more...
  6. minalahm

    Wanted White Sandal wood tree

    I need white sandal wood tree. If anyone have then kindly contact with me. Only North East area.
  7. minalahm

    For Sale Arecanut plant stock .

    I have betelnut or arecanut plant is available in our nursery . Plant height 1.5 above . Per plant Rs.8 , if someone needs more plant , then definitely will less or discount. If someone needs then kindly contact with me.. thank you.
  8. minalahm

    For Sale White sandalwood

    I want to sale white sandal wood. If some some one needs , then kindly contact with me. Per kg 4000. Thanks..
  9. minalahm

    For Sale Sweet lime plant available

    I have available (Citrus limetta) sweet lime plant . If anyone needs then kindly contact with me.
  10. minalahm

    For Sale Artificial carpet grass and natural carpet grass .

    Artificial carpet grass and natural carpet grass both are available. If anyone thinking of making a garden , resort, as well as home indoor set up, kindly contact through private conversation. thanks
  11. minalahm

    For Sale Medicinal plant, Fruit plant , Forestry Plant etc.

    I am from Hojai district in Assam. I have available all type of medicinal plant And Fruit Plant , asa well asa agricultural and forestry plant and saplings and Grafting and sucker as well as seed etc . If anyone needs then contact me .
  12. minalahm

    For Sale Agorwood plant

    I have available agawood plant this year in Assam. If any one needs, contact with me.
  13. minalahm

    For Sale Plant and Seeds

    I am from Assam , Hojai, and I am a plant supplier. I have own nursery, I make product my self .My I want to sell my product. Such as , fruit, flowers, forestry plant , medicinal plant , scenery plant etc.. If any one needs, contact with me,
  14. minalahm

    For Sale Information nursery

    Hii, I am a plant supplier, I have available plant, especially agar, sandal, aricanut, bamboo, flower, teak, etc, as well as agri ,seri ,horti , forestry... In case, anyone needs plant, contact me.

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