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    Wanted Consultants in Hyderabad for Organic Farming

    Please give me your contact no.
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    Wanted Black turmeric & ginger

    Please quote your rate for black turmeric per kg .Please contact
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    Raised combs for sale

    We are beekeepers in Punjab and have raised BEECOMBS for sale.....please contact via e mail
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    Guchi (Morchella esculenta) mushroom for sale

    please qoute the rate per kg
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    I am offering Finance for India Agriculture projects.

    I am starting vegetable cultivation near Chandigarh. we are finalizing the land lease. the first phase is of 10 Acres....we need funds If you can help plz contact
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    Himalayan light Homey for sale

    We produce honey at our bee farms located in foothills of Jammu and Kashmir The Honey is extracted from the ripe combs in Super Chambers after the capping is complete as a result our honey has a unique aroma, colour and taste.We do not heat or filter the honey.
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    comb honey from accacia and adatoda flora of jammu hills

    we are looking for the buyers of fine quality comb honey produced during the spring season from the forest flora of hills of north INDIA
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    Success Story of Farmers

    I am serving in Agriculiure Department,and am looking after beekeeping scheme in a district.I have a success story A farmer namely Mohd Shabir S/o Mehar Din R/o Village Dandesar Tehsil Nowshera District rajouri is a Gujjar an ST who started beekeeping with only 5 beehives in the year...
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    Success Story of Farmers

    Dear Friend, It is definitely a great concern to follow Organic farming due to the fact that HUMAN HEALTH IS effected by the use of chemicals in any form..........So please it is my personal and humble request request to follow the safe cultivation practices.It is at least a great begining...
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    BER Honey for sale

    We are having pure fresh harvested ber honey for sale @Rs 1115.00 Per Kg Interested parties may contact .we have own beefarms and the honey is stored in food grade plastic containers of 25 kgs capacity.
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    Bee Keeping

    please feel free to contact me I am working in Apiculture Dev .Scheme J & K Govt Agri deptt as Technical officer or can email me.. Please contact... regards Dhawan
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    stevia leaves.

    stevia plants required dear messers, please give full details of how many plants can be sown in one kanal and what is the season to plant please contact or mail... Please contact...
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    hill forest flora honey for sale

    we have accacia and adatoda flora honey of spring 2009 @ Rs 150.00per Kg ex our farms
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    hill forest flora honey for sale

    We produce natural honey in areas where the temperature is not very high during spring season and the bees collect honey from forest flora the farmers around do not use pesticides . Our honey conforms to organic standards for trade enquirers email or call.. Please contact.....
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    Organic Produce (Veggies, Fruits & Cereals) Export Potential

    organic vegetables fruit for kocal market Good day Ashish, I am in Chandigarh,have done P G in agriculture Most of the farmers are having problem in selling their produce But in my opinion any farmer can get good return of produce if he gets access to a point where consumers are aware about...
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    Forest Flora Honey

    we produce honey in natural environment from hill forest flora aroma and lavour are natural as we do not heat it. for details contact or call....

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