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    Opportunity Dealers & Distributors for Herbal Products

    HI I am from Puri, Odisha. I am interested in your product dealership. please kindly message me fullest possible details and oblige.
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    Opportunity Insulin leaf juice

    I am I from PURI, ODISHA. I am interested in your product. Although Iam not from FMCG sector yet , I can go ahead, if you can send your terms and obilige. regards
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    Hi, I am from PURI, ODISHA. Can I get details of your turmeric powder for bulk purchase, initially in small quantities and then more to be added. please message me inbox. Regards
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    Question Black turmeric / curcuma caesia/ kali haldi

    hii, can you send me details in my message of kali haldi and kali ginger. I am from PURI, ODISHA
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    For Sale Organic High Curcumin Value Turmeric Powder

    Dear sir, I am from PURI, ODISHA. Can I get details of turmeric powder or whole. Its for my ayurvedic shop which is going to be started shortly. kindly inbox me with fullest details and oblige. regards
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    Hi, I want to know details of Aswagandha and Safed musli farming. Iam from Puri Odisha.

    Hi, I want to know details of Aswagandha and Safed musli farming. Iam from Puri Odisha.
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    For Sale spirulina buying and selling

    Dear sir, I am from PURI, ODISHA. I am going to start an ayurvedic shope with various products after the lockdown ends in ODISHA kindly whatsap me in nine six five eight three zero zero six zero two, with spiriluna details both powder and capsules for further negotiations and obilige. regards
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    For Sale Herbal Raw Materials & Powders

    Dear sir, I am going to open an ayurvedic shop and hence want the details of your products mentioned here with approx price and also minimum qty. to purchase for new trader. Pl help me in this regard. Regards PURI ODISHA
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    Question Multi animal firm

    Dear viewers, this post is to have an Idea and I want the concerned knowledgeable persons to post their valuable comments. That Iam interested in starting a multi animal firm. It will include around 10 cows to start with, 10 goats and a small poultry of desi birds. As usual the dairy firm...
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    Question Want to start dairy business

    what are the average price range of say GIR, SINDHI, SAHIBAL etc etc which are good milking cows. secondly the seller will say that its a good breed and gives milk upto 20 lts per day. how one can beleive because after purchase and bringing them to own place, nothing can be done. pls guide on...
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    thanks sir pls send your mail id
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    hi friends. I am from Puri in ODISHA. Iam interested in mixed agriculture. This enquiry is to have a general IDEA for the agriculture sector. 1] I want to have a dairy firm on my proposed firm house of say 1 acre. 2] Apart from dairy firm I want also to have cash crops, fish farming etc so that...
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    Wanted I have high quality broom grass - looking for traders

    Dear sir, can you give me your mail id for further negotiations with your minimum base price of sale. Although we are new to this trade but interested in long term relations with you. regards n.d. goswami PURI ODISHA MAIL ID-
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    Required Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants cultivation under buyback

    Respected Madhav ji I want to have details for medicinal plant cultivation strictly under BUY BACK option only which is more important than any other thing. I have land in PURI district. Kindly send details in my mail id. regards n.d. goswami PURI ODISHA
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    R U Intersetedin Fish & Prawn Farming---Huge Profits

    dear sir, we are from PURI DISTT. IN ODISHA. We have land around 2 acres and interested in your fish and prawn farming. We shall be highly obliged to get your details for further negotiations. Thanks and regards n.d. goswami PURI ODISHA Mail -
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    Onion : See stock and take

    we have also send you a mail in your mail id provided. regards n.d. goswami PURI ODISHA 09658300602
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    Onion : See stock and take

    Dear sir can you supply to ORISSA. pl mail us full formalities and current rate trending on in our mail id- if the rate is competitive then we can go for long term association. thanks and regards n.d. goswami
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    Need SolAR pump quote

    we can supply you solar pump for your need. Pl feel free to mail us your exact requirements . We shall send you all relavent details of our product in your mail id only. regards n.d. goswami SURAJ-KIRAN ENERGY SYSTEMS ODISHA
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    Contract Farming : Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

    Dear sir I v sent u mail in your id provided here, but till now answear. regards n.d. goswami PURI ODISHA 9658300602 8018162808
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    aloevera cultivation under buy back agreement

    I am from Puri district in ODISHA and interested in alovera farming under BUY-BACK arrangement only. Pl send fullest details. I have one acre to start intially in small scale basis and if succeeeds then can arrange on a large scale also. BUT ONLY ON THE CONDITION OF BUY-BACK CONDITION. KINDLY...

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