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    For Sale Aloe Vera - Leafs, JUICE, GEL & PLANTS

    aloevera leaf ,plants andnatural juice ava for sale pls contact for aloevera leaf minimum 700gm.aloevera aamlaa giloy ,musali,and many more juice ava natural for sale pls contact.
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    land in kachh gujraat

    naliya land needed mam pls consider if ur frnd have this area ,we need there .
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    Herbs & Herbal Extract

    for detail pls mail me rate listthanks
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    land in kachh gujraat

    land in nalia pls give me detail i need there.
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    Panchagavya for sale in Pune, Bangalore and Chennai

    for organic ghee and panchgavya pls msz me your contact no .
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    org rice wanted

    for rice we need from frmers direct supply pls msz your contact details thanks
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    Need summer black gram seed and guar seed

    guar seed give me quantity we can supply.rates as per market.
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    Wanted agriculture land for lease around hyderabad

    for lease pls msz contact detail for 100 acer land near hyderabad .
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    pls contact u have my no,thanks
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    Organic Milk

    org cheese sir can u have org cheese or butter also if yes pls contact we need.
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    wanted exotic vegetables at pune

    vegetables we can supply from rajasthan and delhi pls give quantity per day or call
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    moong ava for sale oraganic but not certified

    200 ton moong ava in rajasthan for sale oraganic cropp but not certified need buyer.
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    Want cheap land in rajasthan, Help please....

    rajasthan rajasthan is growing as solar hub and oil any where in rajashan land ava but not cheap rate sir .
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    Want to buy land in Rajasthan

    rajasthan where u want land in rajasthan.
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    Aloe processing machinery

    plant r u need close plant for lease or new establishment.
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    for cultivation with buy back

    we have 150 beegha land near kaankroli udaipur we want to cultivate cropp with buy back guarantee ,any ltd co.or person may contact.
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    stevia plants required

    steivia plants we can supply pls contact .
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    aloevera baby plants and 2yrs old leaf ava

    aloevera we have buy back with security if we have buyer than no prob.why u say no at haidrabaad we need leaf in a.p when we not find buyer we cant cultivate .where aloevera is cultivated over pls give me add we need leaf for our client.
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    Aloevera barbendish miller for sale

    We supply aloevera baby plants only in bulk ,plants are 6 to 9 inch and mother plants also ava. For sale we provide market for sale your product row and finish,we can give suggestion for inter cropping you can double your income . We also provide all bankeble project reports,you can also...
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    Organic fruits and vegetables needed

    organic fruits andvegetables pls contact we can supply as your requirement we have certified org food and fruit vege .

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