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    moong ava for sale oraganic but not certified

    200 ton moong ava in rajasthan for sale oraganic cropp but not certified need buyer.
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    for cultivation with buy back

    we have 150 beegha land near kaankroli udaipur we want to cultivate cropp with buy back guarantee ,any ltd co.or person may contact.
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    Aloevera barbendish miller for sale

    We supply aloevera baby plants only in bulk ,plants are 6 to 9 inch and mother plants also ava. For sale we provide market for sale your product row and finish,we can give suggestion for inter cropping you can double your income . We also provide all bankeble project reports,you can also...
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    south spice

    one of my frnd req all spice from south in bulk . minimum 1to2ton max.10ton every spice like long ,elaychi chilli daal chini etc from direct farmer no middleman all spice for export so pls contact.
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    black haldi seed

    we req black termeric seed for 10 acre pls contact by pvt msz box thanks
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    spirulina ava in powder and capsul form for sale and training ava also .
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    aloevera leaf 500 gm

    aloevera leaf in bulk for regular suplly
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    organic milk required

    we need in bulk org milk with cetificate pls contact.
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    org.aloevera mother plant for sale

    aloevera mother plant for sale 100000 in gujraat at x farm 2rs kg red flower and 5yrs old we need in urjent buyer pls contact
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    aamlaa seed

    we want to sell amlaa seed in bulk .
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    aloevera leaf suplly

    how we suplly aloe leaf approx 2kg per leaf in bulk 15 ton truck load safe pls give me sugestion .bcoz we want to suplly these leaves at 1000km far
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    organic milk required in delhi

    org.milk req in gurgao 15000 ltr mini. pre day pls contact
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    aloevera juice ,gel

    pure aloevera juice ,gel also ava.
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    1000000 aloe baby plants for sale

    aloe baby plants for sale
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    aloevera leaf for sale

    aloevera leaf for sale near guntur, ahmdabaad ,dehli, rajasthan ,panjab in bulk pls contact direct by pvt msz box .
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    aloevera leaf for sale

    aloevera leaf ava near bikaner 50 ton leaves are more then 600 gmto 1000gm
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    aloevera leaf and baby plants and mother plants

    baby plant ,mother plants and leaf ava pls contact by msz box thanks km joshi
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    black termeric

    black termeric and red aloevera ava for sale
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    dry aamlla

    req.dry seed less aamlaa in bulk .
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    aloevera baby plants

    aloevera baby plants @55paise each .

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