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    Insurance for Dairy Farm ???

    hi, Can anybody give Info on Insurance for Dairy Farm, Like Group Insurance, Individual Insurance, What will be the Approximate insurance for a cow which Cost around 25000???, how do they calculate , any % involved Thanks in advance Regards Srikumar.g
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    Wanted Beer Waste

    hi , We require Beer waste on regular basis, we are in Coimbatore,tamilnadu please Private Message me reply with price per kg and contact details Regards Srikumar.g
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    Market for Ducks...

    What is the Level of Market we have for Ducks , is it for Flesh or Eggs, Which state has more requirements.. can any body throw some light on this:confused:
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    Where Can I get Pure Boer Goats For Breeding

    hi, We Required Pure Boer goats for Breeding for out Goat Farm in coimbatore , tamil nadu, Can Anybody give information on where to by the Boer Goats. Thanks in Advance regards Srikumar
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    Wanted Boer Goats

    Hi all, We are in Need of BOER Goats for Breeding for our newly starting Goat Farm in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, Initially we Will Require a Dozen Goats with minimum of 2 months Pregnant , After Three Months we will require in large numbers, Any one interested please reply to this regards...

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