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    For Sale Want to sell my red sandal wood logs

    You are free to quote the rate.Iam from Andhra Pradesh near Vizag city.
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    For Sale Want to sell my red sandal wood logs

    Want to sell red sandal wood logs. Please help me with buyers
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    sell moringa pkm1 seed

    Needs PKM1 and PKM2 varity drumstick seeds
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    Agro Network up to Village Lavel.

    Congratulations I would like to congratulate for your initiative .I would like ot be part of your initiate and like to represent my area .Please contact.. Thanks Mouli
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    looking for a Dairy Farm Set up

    Hi Raghavendra, I just statred small dairy farm you can contact (Blore) I can give some which I learned .
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    Various Bamboo Seeds Available

    Hi Please give your contact details Mouli Please contact....
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    Bamboo Poles wanted

    Where are you located We have some Bamboo plants located in Andhra pradesh Vizag
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    Organic farming group

    I am working in Bangalore though I dont have own land at Bangalore I would like to be part of your Group Thanks Mouli Please contact............
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    Emu birds

    How old they are and how much is your quote per bird.Where are you located
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    Biogas Products

    I am interesetd in your products pls leave your contact details
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    Starting dairy farm

    Hello Aswini , You mentioned we can get cows of milk yeild 10 LTRS/day can get for 15 Thousand . Please let whee I can get for that much cheap rate I tried in chinamani market none of the animals are not less than 25000 to 30000 with mink yeild 10 LTRS/Day . Please let me know the places...
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    Starting dairy farm

    Bangalore is best suitable place for raising HF Cows but you need to have some land with irregation fecility to grow green fodder that is very much essential for dairy famr. Also please visit the nearest dairy farms to get an idea. Contact Haseraghatta Danish dairy people They would be...
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    Stevia,Patchouli,Sandalwood,Red sander Plants for sale

    Sir, Can you give your contact details I need rose wood and sandal wood saplings for my home garden
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    make income from my land

    Hi You can implement many projects with your golden land beside sabarmathi. Some of them are 1.Heariculture 2.Agriculture 3.Dairy farming 4.Floriculture Thanks Mouli
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    Open Discussion - What do you feel about investing in Agriculture ?

    Ignoring many difficulties in Agriculture You are right so many enthusiastic educated people are trying to do experiments in agriculture but really they are not aware of the few facts without resolving them we could not move ahead. 1.Marketing our products.Unlike any other industry Agri...
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    Without Investment Join As Power Project Business Agent

    Hi I am glad to see such a news project which can help farmers community during this very critical season.I want o make hundreds of farmers as part of your project can you please get in touch with me,please contact...... Thanks you
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    spirulina free training

    I am interested in trainig and buying culture . Please contact me...
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    Hi , Erode and surronding villages are very well known for the good variety of cattles . You dont need to search any ware far from your place there by you can save lot of transportation cost and during transport
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    Composting Technology 24 hours

    Dear Anton, Please let me know the cost details tp establish 10 TPD compost waste. Drop me email Please contact....
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    Murrah & HF for sale

    I am intereseted I am interesetd in buying cows and baffelows please send me your contact details or contact me

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