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    Angad 240D Tractor from SAS Motors Limited

    Dear sir, I am interested in your Angad 240D Tractor. so pls give detailed and send your web to our mail .Please contact...
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    Coconut wanted

    Ok I will ready supply to you .pls contact me our mail By Bhaskaran.
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    Wanted 5 acres of land

    I have 6 acre Land Dear sir , I have 6 acre land with one well in Good water facilty and also avilabe in LBP water in 6 acre. 5HP EB conection with 5HP three phase submerciable Motar is avilable. This land locketed at Erode Dist Near Kodumudi at Chennasamutharam Village. 2 owners with clear...
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    78 acre land for SALE --Cheep Rate

    Dear S.Rahman, Pls give deatils of Land , and how much price per acre?, what area in Dindugal contact me. Bhaskaran.
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    wanted agricultural land for Lease

    I have 12 acre land in Erode (Dt) near Kodumudi. I have 12 acre land with well and 5hp motor ,also in LBp water scheme.This land is locoted near kodumudi village @ ERODE DIST. If you interested pls contact lease or sale.
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    Starting Mini Grounet oil mill

    Dear All, I have an idea for starting mini oil mill for grounet . How to start the unit? Pls inform marketing, prodection , Machinery details.How much amount need for in principle invesment and working invesments for this unit.Pls reply
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    Need information on mushroom& babycorn

    Dairy Form Hai I want to start new dairy form (Cow) .How to start the dairy, which type of cow useful to us good quilty and qty milk and also how to maitain pls repl to me

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