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    Milk buyer from goa

    Hi all I am from Karnataka state I have 20 baffalo I have collect milk 80 liters per day I want sell this milk to goa state every day kindly suggest us purchesr froom goa I can get good rate also
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    vegitable farming in modern cultivation in 2 acre land

    Hi Team, I am planning to cultivate vegitables in two acre land with modern way. kindly suggest on this issue
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    Starting Dairy Farming and along with orgainc vegitable Growing In my own land

    Hi Experts, I am planning to start dairy farming with 10 buffalo and organic vegetable growing in our own land in 5 acre land with we have sufficient water .How we can successed in this process .Where we can supply vegitables to get better return for our organic vegetable.? Where we can get...
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    Drip irrigation

    Hi We are planning to install drip irrigation for 30 acre land . Kindly help me how much Investment is required for drip irrigation for 30 acre land? Which company is good for drip irrigation for sugar cane? Is there any govt subsidy for drip irrigation ?We are from karnatka state...
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    coconut for sale

    Hi all, we are going to sell 3000 coconuts kindly contact us who need to my email we are from karnataka we basically farmer
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    Fish farming

    Hi , We need help in fish farming in our tube well its 40 feet width and 8 feet depth .water is from bore well .Water is not salt its good for drinking ? How to do fish farming in this tube well ? Whom we need to contact ? How much expense it comes ? Kindly help me Thanks prabhu
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    need info on dairy equipments in karntaka

    Hi Any one can suggest me all Dairy Farming stuff or equipments available at one place for 10-15 buffalo dairy farm size in karantaka? Regards prabhu
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    We are pan to cultvate stevea and pachauli plants in our irrigation land

    Hi All , Kindly help me in the following questions. 1)Is there any need to get license from govt to cultivate and sell the stevea dry leaves and patchouli ? 2)If yes kindly suggest me to go ahead and get license from govt. kindly explain Procedure and fees and duration and of validity...
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    We need equipments for our dairy farming

    HI , we are planning to start dairy farming with 20 cross bread cow . We are new to this business . we some assistance on to manage better way to gt good return our invetsments . We need all ralated equipments for to run dairy farming . Regards PARAPPA
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    Kindly help us on following issues

    Hi Experts I am from Bagalkot (Karnataka state) we have 50 acre land . How we can us effectively this land ? What kinds of crops is best to get more 80 % ROI? Kindly suggest me best agri practices for this land ? We are already cultivation in this land sugar cane.But we are not getting more...
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    We need service of DRIP IRRIGATION

    Hi All, Any body in the line of drip irrigation for our 25 acre land with subsidy for farmer . How much cost will incur per acre land ?How much subsidy for per acre land ? If any one has information about drip irrigation kindly inform me . Regards PRABHU
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    where should i get training on organic framing of sugar cane other crops and vegitabl

    Hi All Kindly suggest me organic farming training for sugar cane and other crops and vegetables . I need some training on how to adopt organic farming for sugar cane? and commercial crops like turmeric and banana ? Kindly give details training centers in Karnataka? I am from...
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    How to increas yield of Sugar cane more than 100 ton

    How to improve productive capacity of our land? From Since 15 years we are growing sugar cane we are using a lot of water in our 40 acre land now we realize we lost our entire 40 acre land because of access use of water How to over come from this drawback? Is there is any solution for it...
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    Where should i get better price for cow milk(With organic food)

    Hi all, Greeting for the day:) Kindly advise me on , where should i get better price of cow(HF or Cross Bread) milk .? On Which bases purchaeser can give good price for our milk? How much price we will get per litrs of cow milk in Karntaka for dairy farmer ? How much rate per FAT for cow milk...
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    Where i get day to day vegitable price list

    Hi All Kindly help me regarding, where should I get day to day Market price for all kinds of vegitables and fruits of karantak Market ?I am planning to start my own organic vegitable and fruits shops in big cities which I grow in my own land. Kindly help me in this regard Reg Prabhu
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    Kindly Help me establish of my organic fruits and vegitable business

    Hi All Kindly help me to establish my own fruits and vegitables shops in big size Where should i get licenses to start this kind of busness ? We have 15 acre land(Black and stone mix )with fully irrigation. i have plan to develop such way that i need to grow all kinds of fruit and vegitable...
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    How to covert from inorganic farming to organic farming/

    We have 40 acre of land we need convert inorganic to organic to do this currently we are sowing sugar cane but we are not getting much return .currently we are only getting 40-50 tonne per acre How to convert entire 40 acre land into organic framing in short period? How many years it takes to...
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    We need biogass power plant for 10hp pumpset

    Hi Sir, We are planning to solar and biogass PowerPoint for our 30 acre land Kindly send me details about it and send me quotation for 10hp motor pump set for bore well below350 feet in depth Kindly send me your details to my Eamil id Please contact..
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    We 10 hf and 10 cross bread calves

    Hi All, Any body can provide us 10 calves and 10 cross bread calves in karntaka Any body can give address of availability of cafls in karantaka Pls send me your quotation Please contact..
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    I need help in Sugar cane production

    Hi All, I am from karantaka (Bagalkot district) We are growing sugar cane last 15 years but we are not getting good yield in sugar cane cultivation .I need which sugar cane gives good quality sugar can for our land and which Number sugar cane gives good quantity sugar which accepted by sugar...

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