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    Question Regarding Agarwood plantation

    Has anyone planted Agarwood plantation in telangana and andhra pradesh states. I want to know the procedure to plant, life time and income opportunities and clarify other doubts.
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    Question Agroforestry

    I have few questions regarding taking up agroforestry due to new to agriculture. 1 ) what is minimum size of land preferable to takeup agroforestry concept? 2) what are the plants/saplings that helps in long term (20years and above) wealth creation in wild conditions (less manpower utilization)...
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    Question Inter cropping options in eucalyptus farm ?

    A friend of mine has a three acre three year old eucalyptus farm but the growth of the plants was not upto the mark as he is having a regular job and couldn't provide sufficient time to farming. Now he wishes to plan for inter crops between the eucalyptus plants simultaneously as he got work...
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    Question Start a natural/organic/ ZBNF farming

    I am new to agriculture and in plan to start organic farming in the farm land i am planning to buy. So i want to learn the zbnf/organic farming model which gives ample opportunities to safeguard the investment made and also to generate regular income from the farm. As i and my family are new to...

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