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    wanted industrial land

    Dear sir I require 10 acres of industrial land at mahad . interested parties [owners] with clear title deed contact Thanks & regards Pramod Drolia
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    patcholi oil

    Dear Sir I have imported patcholi oil normal extract 30.5% 100 lts interested contact for price and other terms & conditions Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    aromatic & natural oil extractorsl

    Dear Sir aromatic &natural oil extractors/manufacturers who are willing to do contract manufacturing contact me Thanks & regards Pramod Drolia
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    aromatic oil extractors

    Dear sir I am looking for aromatic oil manufacturers with their own extraction plantwho can do contract manufacturing/ job work on long term basis . ONLY MANUFACTURERS WHO ARE ALREADY IN THIS BUSINESSS CONTACT ME , WITH YOUR TERMS & CONDITION. BROKERS EXCUSE THANKS AND REGARDS pramod...
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    Pelletisation of dried herbal plants - require supplier/manufacturer

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    to sell aloe vera in foreign market

    product detail Dear Sir kindly send me the details like qty qulty etcon BEST REGARDS PRAMOD DROLIA
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    water reagent

    dear sir I deal in imported water reagent which is used in treating lakes ponds and sewage water . interested parties contact BEST REGARDS Pramod Drolia
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    water reagent

    Dear sir I deal in imported water reagent that is used in cleaning of natural lakes ponds golf courses sewage and waste water treatment.It is a eco friendly product with a new inovative technology. Interested parties contact Warm Regards pramod drolia
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    ngos enquiry Dear Mr Rishi narayan Thanks for your response contact me at with your proposal Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    water reagent

    Dear sir I deal in imported water reagent manufactured with a new technology . It is enviromentally friendly and cleans natural lakes ponds and treat sewage and waste water system. contact Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    water reagent

    Dear sir I deal in imported water reagent that cleans natural water systems. It cleans lakes ponds sewage water systems and removes the smell too. This can be used in water purification system in all the malls and also in municipalities golf courses etc interested parties contact...
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    Dear Mr Kirti Thanks for the information. MY LAND IS IN VASAI VERY NEAR TO NATIONAL HIGHWAY. contact Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    Dear sir I will be highly obliged if some one provide me with address of Ngos who are working in india as wellas in abroad esp in african countries in the field of drinking water. It will be usefull if the group is highly active and supportive too. Thanks & Regards Pramod Drolia
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    water reagent

    Dear Sir I am dealing in imported water reagent which is manufactured with a new technology It can clean river systems natural lakes ponds and also waste and sewage water .Interested parties contact for furthur details. This can be used in malls municipal water treatments...
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    Dear Sir I need information on flowers which can be cultivated on open land and giving good yield. I have around 15000sq ft land with good water . I need information on nurseries who sell the plants for planting. and also time taken for flowering. I expect serious replies. contact...
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    Partners. Land/factory shed need on partnership basis for nano power project in india

    project information Dear sir I am having land in mumbai with shed &electricity. kindly mail the details to If the the project is viable then we can discuss the invst and other managerial details. Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    Dear Sir I am interested in buying flowers that are grown in green houses as well as in open field . Interested parties who are actual growers can contact me at with your terms and conditions and proposal. Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    Essential oils

    product details Dear Sir Kindly send the details of your proposal to Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    Aromatic oil extractors

    Dear sir Aromatic oil extractors having their own processing and extraction plant and who are interested to do contract manufacturing kindly contact me Best Regards Pramod Drolia
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    Opportunity Wanted distributors districtwise

    distributionship Dear Sir I am interested in distribution for maharashtra and mumbai. kindly mail your details to BEST REGARDS pramod Drolia

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