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    Land Required Land for lease in Coimbatore, Salem areas of Tamilnadu.

    I want agricultural land for lease upto 10 acres for animal husbandry.i need land in Coimbatore Salem areas of Tamilnadu. Anyone have please help.
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    Is there land in udumalpeta land for agriculture.
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    Wanted I want to buy agricultural land

    How much
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    Wanted Wanted red soil agri land.

    Ca Can Loan be arranged
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    Wanted I am looking for 1-20 acre agricultural land in South bangalore with rich water resource

    DO you have in udumalpeta pollachi.I need cheap.strictly for farming.
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    IS there like this available in udumalpet area.I need cheap agri land
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    Wanted Wanted red soil agri land.

    I Need red soil agri plain land with free electricity connection.looking in udumalpet area of pollachi tamilnadu or karnataka.need in 2 lakhs per acre 10 acres to 15 acres.clear document needed.
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    Wanted Krishnagiri Cows needed

    Hi need good quality krishnagiri cows in first lactation needed.anyone having contact there please share it.
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    Is loan available for drip irrigation and other initial expense ?

    Thanks.for putting crops like banana is loan available
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    Is loan available for drip irrigation and other initial expense ?

    I am starting farming on leased land.will any bank provide loan for putting drip and crops initial expenses
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    Agriculture land needed

    Need agriculture land for lease in coimbatore tamilnadu.need 1-5 acres for 5 years.
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    B.Sc Agri freshers needed

    B.Sc Agri fresher needed as manager for integrated farm in palakkad kerala.good salary and benifits. contact or pm me.
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    sona massori rice for sale

    what all varieties do you deal with.
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    Dairy Farm for sale

    where is this located.i am from palakkad.wil you give it in lease.
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    Wanted 30000MT/Month of Rice for export urgently

    we can supply your requirement.send your requirement to
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    Neem cake needed

    Neem cake need at low cost from coimbatore or palakkad.
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    Sesame oil needed

    We need 2000 litres of Sesame oil bulk packed every producers please reply with details.
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    Kudampuli needed(Garcinia Gamboogea)

    We are in need of 1000 kg of kudampuli(Gambooge or garcinia Cambogea) every month.we are looking the product from lower tamilnadu or kerala.

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