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    sarpagandha roots for sale

    I have planted rauvolfia serpentina plants in odisha.the roots will be ready for harvest by sept/october 2016.anybody interested in buying@600/ per k.g.may contact Mr.simanchala panda,director,simanchala panda natural resources opc,Bengaluru on
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    rouwalfiaserpentina propagation

    dear readers, I have started growing rouwalfia serpentina in my own field organic way. since I am new anybody having information on quality testing and marketing can guide me.the trees are a month old and as reported by the man on the field it is growing well.personised mail may please be sent...
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    land-cashewnut plantation

    I have 15 acres of quality cashewnut platation to sell @ 30000/- per acre.price on quality tree count around december at fruit bearing level can also be con 9611813311.more land /cashew plantations are also available in the area.alternate crops/venture with additional land is...

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