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    For Sale Black ginger and black turmeric for sale

    Hi Kindly share details and your t&c of Black turmeric and black ginger put up on sale. Cheers!
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    For Sale Polyhouse for sale in Uttar Pradesh

    Span, size, water and power, access? Present crop? Plz provide details..
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    For Sale Aloevera near Tirupati, AP

    Dear Kalyani madam, Yes we are interested. Kindly share in depth details of the product variety, rate preferred, etc. Best regards, Rajesh RK Gowda.
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    Production costs & economics for production of color capsicum & tomato in one acre Greenhouse

    Kindly provide complete details and cost of production and economics for color capsicum in my one acre Greenhouse, at Hiriyur, Chitradurga.
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    150 Tons Color Capsicum Production in 1 Acre

    Kindly share details for one acre color capsicum production in greenhouse, with economics to: Thanks a ton..
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    For Sale Selling Cow Urine in Bangalore

    Dear Sir, Kindly revert back with the filtering details: Which variety or breed? Quantity available? Price per unit? Packing mode? Location? Thanking you, Rajesh RK Gowda.
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    Wanted Tractor mounted Post hole digger
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    For Sale 3000 Acres of Dry land suitable for solar project in S.Tamilnadu

    Dear team, Kindly provide complete details of this land parcel and contact numbers. Thank you.
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    For Sale Passion fruits available

    Hi Axhar, This is Rajesh RK Gowda, from near Bangalore. Can you plz be specific with following details plz: Breed or Variety: Quantity available: Frequency: Cost per unit weight: Location: Your contact details. Best regards, Rajesh RK Gowda.
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    For Sale aloevera baby plants

    Plz share contact details..
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    Hydroponic cultivation method

    Dear Sir, I have one acre naturally ventilated greenhouse about 170 kms from Blr. As I'm planning hydroponic growing method, I want separate details for producing the following crops in my one acre GH: (1) Bell-Peppers (2) Tomatoes (3) English Cucumbers (4) Chrysanthemums Plz provide me...
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    For Sale Moringa seeds PKM 2

    Plz provide details of cultivation costs and revenue for one acre model

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