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    For Sale Contact for Sadalwood / Chandan / Srigandham Plants cum Plantation Work at your Site

    Dear all If you are looking to cultivate very profitable long term cultivation of Sandal wood / Chandan / Srigandham in Agro-Forestry Model, Feel free to contact us. We undertake the entire work on turnkey basis from Plants supply to installation and maintenance. Write me: contact by...
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    For Sale Malabar Neem / Melia Dubia / Malabar Vepa plantation cum Buy Back

    Contact if you are interested to cultivate a common timber : Melia Dubia / Malabar Neem / Malabar Vepa in your vacant lands. We'll provide you Seedlings / Clones, We also undertake complete Plantation work at your site. Can provide Marketing / Buyback. Write me: contact by inbox/private...
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    Eucalyptus Any number Clones: Contact for bulk supply

    If anybody looking for any number eucalyptus / nilgiri Clones in bulk quantities, contact me immediately. We are from Bhadrachalam region of Telangana State (ITC), Bulk producers of Eucalyptus Clones. Ex.nursery prices are very low. Refundable Tray Cost applicable. Transport and loading...
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    Contact for Sadalwood / Chandan / Srigandham Plants cum Plantation Work at your Site

    Hello all If you are looking for cultivation of Sandalwood / Chandan / Srigandham plants in your land, contact us. We'll provide you all in one service right from plants supply to complete plantation at your site. Write us by private message. Thanking you
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    Required up to 200 acres agriculture land in Telangana state

    Dear all, We need upto 200 acres of agriculture land for a Agroforestry project in Telangana. Water, Electricity and road connection is must. Purchase must be within 2 Lakh/acre. Send inbox message if you have land. Thanks and regards..
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    Need 25000 Red lady thiwan Papaya Saplings

    Please send us competitive price for 25000 papaya saplings in root trainers. Send your quotation to inbox with contact details. Thanking you.
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    Need 25000 Teak saplings developed by stumps

    We need 25000 stump based teak saplings around 1ft height in 4/7 or 4/8 poly bags. Please write us urgently through inbox message or leave your contact number / email. Thanking you
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    Hebbevu / Malaivembu / Malabar Neem / Melia Dubia cultivation with Buyback guarantee

    Dear plants growers Contact me by inbox message for Cultivation of Hebbevu / Malaivembu / Malabar Neem / Melia Dubia wood cultivation with buyback guarantee. One should grow them for 6/7years. Cultivation with Buyback Agreement. Guarantee returns of 800000/- per Acre land under good...
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    Malabar Neem Clones for Sale with Buy Back

    Contact us if you need Malabar Neem / Melia Dubia fastest growing variety with buy back assurance. Contact with your email, contact number, proposed plantation area. Send details to my inbox here. We provide you a full consultancy service right from purchase to end harvest. Email...
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    We are the one and only provide you Buyback for Melai Dubia

    Dear Plants growers, We are the one and only can provide you buyback for Melia Dubia / Malabar neem / Malabar vepa / Hebbevu / Malai Vembu. We supply you highly stabilized fastest growing variety in Melia Dubia. Harvesting time from 6/7 years on wards. Interested can leave your email id and...
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    Need 3" Red Sanders Rooted Stumps - 3" Barerooted Seedlings

    Contact if you can supply us Rooted Red Sanders Stumps. Qty: 10000 -> 100000 urgently.
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    Bulk supply of Melia Dubia / Hebbevu / Malabar neem / Malai Vembu saplings

    Contact for Bulk orders... Melia Dubia / Malabar neem, Malai Vembu / Hebbevu plants... they are available in 3/5" packets, 4/6" packets around 1ft in height. We can send you any part in India with your own transport cost. Contact by inbox with your required qty and destination to inform you...
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    Need 3" Red Sanders Rooted Stumps - 3" Barerooted Seedlings

    Dear Suppliers, I need 3" Red sanders rooted Stumps or 3" seedlings (bare rooted) Sample: 5000 Qty: 1st order: 1 Lakh Next season: 5-10 Lakhs with Advance payment of 10%. Trusted providers can contact by inbox with your contact details and Whatsapp Number to share picture and other...
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    Melia Dubia / Malabarneem plants for sale (Bulk supply)

    Contact for bulk supply of Melia Dubia / Malabarneem. Price: 7/- for seed germinated plants (Ex. nursery price) Transport, loading etc. Contact through inbox message with your requirement. Thanking you
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    Teak rooted stumps required: Qty: 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs

    Provide us the best price for Teak (Pencil sized) rooted stumps: Qty: 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs. For departmental supply. Contact through inbox msg. Cost/stump and Time frame.
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    Silver Oak, Lemon, Pomegranate, Amla bare rooted saplings wanted

    Bare rooted saplings of Silver Oak, Lemon, Pomegranate, Amla etc., required for bulk qty. Each 1 Lakh for departmental supply. Need competitive rates 0.45ps to 0.60ps price range. We can give even more qty order as per quality and prompt supply. Contact by inbox supply. Thanking you
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    Melia Dubia / Hebbevu / Malaivembu / Malabarneem 3+feet ready to dispach - 10000 qty.

    Contact for the plants... they are well established in 5x7 and 8x10 bags with supporting stick. Ready to plant - Adult healthy plants. Send message to inbox for price and transport charges. It is very urgent disposal of plants.
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    3ft to 4ft Malabarneem / Melia Dubia for sale ....

    Low quantity of Malabarneem / Melia Dubia / Hebbevu / Malaivembu saplings for sale @ 29.50/- each. Write us at private message.
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    Melia Dubia / Malabarneem Adv Booking June 2015 - Less price and onsite delivery

    Saplings for low cost for June plantations. Advanced booking started. Price: 14.50/- each for 1' onsite for 10K plants orders 26.50/- each for 3'-4' plants for 10K orders Below 10/- for Micro-bag plants for 50K to 1Lakh plant orders. Hurry and book your valuable orders in advanced. send...
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    Quinoa Cultivators Required - Buyback guaranteed and saplings at lowest prices..

    Dear cultivators of Quinoa (Existing or new), please get back us if interested to cultivate this short term crop. We'll provide you saplings which are ready to plant in the filed. We also can provide you buyback for your harvest. Get back through Inbox with your email-id and contact numbers...

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