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    Land Available 200 acres land for sale

    Land available for sale 200 acres from Bangalore 169 kms ,per acre just 7.5 lakhs final interested buyers an contact me ,Clear title ,all payment modes accepted
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    Land Available 4.03 scres beside prestige in chikkatirupathi

    Single owner ,just close to whitefield total cost of the land 21 crores ,negotiable, direct buyers can contact me 4 .03 acres,
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    Land Available 400 acres 200 kms from Bangalore undeveloped land

    400 acres land available for sale ,looking for direct buyer
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    Land Available Bulk land 200 acres near Bangalore

    200 acres near Bangalore ,only intrested buyers can contact me
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    For Sale 10 acres land for sale from Bangalore 50 kilometers

    10 acres land per acre 17 lakhs from Bangalore 50 kilometers ,single owner ,clear title ,cost is including the road ,suits for poultry farms,resets,good scenery
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    Required Mushroom buyers with buyback agreement

    Need mushroom buyers with buy back agreement near Hosur and Bangalore, if any one there kindly contact me.
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    looking for the companies who can offer mushroom farming with buy back guranteed i have 7 acres farm near hosur planning to do this with big level any company people contact me
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    Available Loads of cow and goat manure available

    If anybody interested contact me organic manures..
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    Is there any one available i want to start with 2 acres of lemon plantation near to bangalore hosur area,if anyone has balaji lemon plants with buy back option do let me know ?
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    Land Available 3.5 acres of farm land for sale near to bangalore

    land for sale with farm house of 2 bhk building house,open well with water and commercial electricity,single owner,redsoil,1.5 crores negotiable.only intrested buyers can contact me
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    Land Available 200 Acres Land For sale per acre 8 lakhs

    we have land for sale per acre 8 lakhs within 200 kms from Bangalore good water source, 3 owners,we are owners clear title contact us direct buyers.mediators please ignore thank you .
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    Land Available 26 acres with 7 cottages for sale

    26 acres of resort for sale Single owner 5.75 crores slightly negotiable 190 kms from Bangalore 11 rooms cafeteria,borewell , electricity,officerooms,Western style rooms,on hilltop good scenery,interested buyer can contact me all payments we accept
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    Land Available 100 ACRES OF THE LAND FOR SALE 185 kilometers from Bangalore

    undeveloped Land for sale near to bangalore redsoil single families land,ancestral property heavy watersource, road access available per acre 5 lakhs only buyers can contact me 100 acres,
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    Land Available 3 and half acre land for sale near Bangalore

    Hi Land available for sale near Bangalore 50 kilometers from Bangalore , Farm house worth 60 lakhs, Fully fenced spent around 6 lakhs Borewell 2 with electricity spent 4 lakhs Labour sheds 4 -3 lakhs sheds for animals 11 lakhs .. Per acre worth 40 lakhs surrounding to this land 4 bedrooms with...
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    Land Available 70 acres land for sale

    From Bangalore 200 kilometers Per acre 5 lakhs Clear title excellent ground water Only buyers can contact me
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    Land Available 200 acres of the land for sale

    100 kilometers from Bangalore 19 lakhs per acre 200 acres single patch Clear title Buyers can contact me
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    For Sale 110 acres clear title land for sale

    Hello serious buyers!! We have land for sale in kolar district Karnataka 110 acres-good ground water source Per acre 14 lakhs No litigation Clear title, Tar road access With in 100 kms from Bangalore,, Contact me if you're buyer or don't waste the time..
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    Required Want to start tulsi farming in my farm near to Hosur is there any buy back buyers

    I want to start Tulsi farming any advisers?and buy back buyers contact numbers?
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    Land Available 99 Acres Land For Sale In In Karnataka 90 kilometres From Bangalore

    Hello Buyers , There is a land of 98 acres which is close biggest lake,90 kilometers From Bangalore.And 4 Kms Away from reservoir,tar road attached,Clear Title,Single owner,land can be expandable.per acre Costing 9.10 Lakhs Fixed ,All documents are very perfect.We Would Like to Do Deals with...
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    Land Available 20 acres land for sale

    Hello 20 acres of farm land for sale in tamilnadu,from Bangalore 80 kms,land attached to small water running canal,per acre 20 lakhs,mud road registered in the name of landlord, single owner, expandable,clear title,good lemon,pomogranite,tamarind,coco plants available,2farmhouse, electricity...

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